Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes ~ Me Myself And My Music

I have no idea how I stumbled upon this amazing band. It could be that I heard a song on television. However, I hope that I can awake in you, my dear readers, the same huge enthusiasm for this band like I have. I absolutely love this album. This indie-rock band from Canada, to be more precise, from Montreal, consists of four men and was formed in the year 2010.
By now, most of my reviews in this blog series were guitar dominant albums, this, on the contrary, is known for a heavy use of percussion. As a music lay person, I would say that percussions are drums, but please feel free to correct me 🙂
Album facts:
  • Release: March 2012
  • Tracks:
    • 1. Full Circle
    • 2. Call Me in the Afternoon
    • 3. No More Losing the War
    • 4. She Wants to Know
    • 5. Need It
    • 6. Give Up
    • 7. Judgement
    • 8. Drug You
    • 9. Nerve
    • 10. Fire Escape
    • 11. 21 Gun Salute

I absolutely love this album – each and every song of it. However, it is one of those music albums which got dusty and almost forgotten because I was just focused on other ones and the moment I listened to it again, I immediately fell in love with it! Okay, let’s start with the review.
The first song on their debut album Full Circle creates while listening to it, a special and unique atmosphere. The song has something alternative and the fast beats add even in some way an indigenous touch to it. The very fast vocals emphasise the magical aspect of this song. Do not ask me why, but every time I listen to this song, I imagine a mystical forest or a lake surrounded by fog.

The second track on this album Call Me In The Afternoon starts off soft, happy and represents a kind of innocence. This remains throughout the song the same, but at the end when the beat tends to get faster it takes a turn into a more powerful song.
Actually, I would love to write to each track something, as every single of them is great, but this would be probably a bit boring for you. Therefore, I am concentrating on my absolute favourite ones.
Need It is probably the softest and most emotional song on the entire album. The lyrics underline very well the intimacy this song has:
if you breathe in, then I breathe in
and slowly let go
if you need it, then I need it
and only we’ll know.
If I was a person who weeps easily, I would probably be always shedding tears, while listening to this song.
Nerve was probably the first song I ever heard of Half Moon Run and it captivated me immediately. The soft melody accompanied by an even softer voice just touches me every time. I think that it is a great song for pondering over problems you encounter or just about the meaning of life. The catchy beat in the background prevents the song from getting too monotonous.
Fire Escape is comparable to the title Nerve as both have a calm and soft melody. Great songs to be thoughtful and enjoying some alone time or why not some romantic time with your beloved, although the lyrics do not suggest a peaceful togetherness. The ending though gets me every time as it is very abruptly and is not fading slowly away.
The last song 21 Gun Salute has definitely to be mentioned in this review as it differs quite a lot from the rest of the album. The reason is because it has some electronical music influence.
Last month Half Moon Run released their second album called  Sun Leads Me On. I have not bought it yet but I will sooner or later.
My rating: 10/10
Which song do you enjoy the most? 🙂 Let me know in the comments.

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