Yes… this is blog post number 100. For most people, this amount wouldn’t be worth pointing out. However, for me, it means quite a lot. To begin with, I’ve never thought that I would start blogging. Why should? I have a lot of hobbies which keep me active. Why pick up a new one? It’s now been exactly two years ago since I’ve published the post about the reasons why I write.

Read Post: Why Am I Even Writing?

Normally, a hundredth post like this would have an interesting topic. An “anniversary article” should be something special. Isn’t it quite ironic that my topic for this post is “Clueless…”.

Clueless… that’s exactly how I feel about blogging. Although I know that writing has a lot of positive effects like improving your language skills, learning new words and enhancing your ways to express your opinion. The Instagram post below explains a little why it’s been difficult for me taking up again the habit of writing.

And now? Like the title of this post – I am clueless. The only thing I know is that I would love finding my way back to writing.

Usually, I’m a very creative person with a lot of ideas and great imagination. However, the focus in the last months shifted more to university (which obviously has priority) and doing sports. And I definitely cannot say for sure that I will be publishing regularly again.

This brings me to a topic I would like to address. Something I still need to learn is that I need to accept those days where I feel unmotivated. As a student you probably have a similar experience: You need to learn for an exam and you have limited time which puts a lot of pressure on you. And whenever you wasted some time on not learning you regret it. For example, instead of reading your lecture notes you’re thought drift away and you end up listening to new music on YouTube. Or you simply just see no point in learning on one particular day because you’re exhausted. It’s okay to have those days and to be honest, I’m very well aware of that. However, often I beat myself up for not being that productive on one afternoon. Maybe you already master the art of taking breaks and don’t understand why this could be difficult for someone. If you belong to that kind of people like me, see this as a short reminder:

It’s okay to be tired. Don’t feel bad about it. You don’t have infinite energy


Wishing you all a great weekend 🙂


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