What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

When we were little we got asked this question a lot. Our answers were often: singer, policemen, actor, astronaut, firefighter or athlete. And now my question: What are we now?

As a child, I badly wanted to be an animal rights campaigner for  WWF  (World Wildlife Fund) and work in Africa to protect lions. And at that time I was sure that I will become one at some point in my life.

Um… yes… I am now studying law, not exactly the proper prerequisite for my child dream job. Of course, as a lawyer I still could get involved in the protection of threatened species, but to be honest, this is not anymore the plan for my future. I aspire to become a lawyer in a company, preferably an international one, or to work in an administration department. I agree with you, it is quite boring comparing to my former dream job. However, the question is how and especially why I changed my notion about my future work.
To be honest, the answer is simple – I grew up. And probably I still am. When I was little I had this dream which was in some way unrealistic. Now you may think that it is irrelevant to have a dream job as a child. But I find it very important to have goals which you will probably never achieve. Aims which are set up too high will work as a stimulation and serve as an incentive in your life. It is crucial to have dreams and trying to pursue them. Moreover, it is vital to adapt these goals whenever your desires change. After realising that I will probably never be working for WWF, I changed my plans and wanted to become in my teenage years a singer or an actress. But everybody advised me not to try to become a singer as I have neither a feeling for rhythm nor am I able to remember a melody. In that aspect, I am quite a hopeless case. And somehow I finally ended up studying law. But is it okay if you change your aims quickly and often?

textPeople find it normal and in some way cute when a little girl or boy switches between several dream jobs. However, as soon an adult changes the plan abruptly it seems blindfolded. We tend to look at them as an unstable individual which is not sure about what she or he aspires to be. But why do we make a difference between the child and the adult who are changing their dreams concerning a job? Our society forces us to grow up quickly and strive for a career. And in order to achieve a successful career one has to stick to the work and show a lot of discipline. There is simply no time for changing the plan. To be honest, I belonged to those people who discountenance the young adults who were unsure about their future job and changed their aims regularly. I never fully understood the thought behind the abrupt changes they sometimes made. For example, a friend of mine started studying biochemistry. Just after one year she switched to law studies, where I met her. Now she is attending an internship at the finance department of a bank. These are quite some drastic changes, aren’t they? I thought of her as a twenty-five year old woman who has not yet figured out her life. To be frank, I never even tried to understand her – I was that ignorant. One day she came up to me and asked me why I was so sure of my law studies. I hesitated a moment. I answered: “Don’t know really. Never thought of that. I just know.” One minute later she began to tell me everything about her motives behind all her changes. After high school, she wanted to go into the medical research and therefore, pursued the biology-chemistry study. Unfortunately, she had to realise that she was simply not made for it. She could not cope with all the pressure and stress. She confessed to me that this realisation made her sad because this could have been her dream job after all. Then she just needed some time to figure out what she really wants. And this process of finding her true destiny took her one year of law studies. I know now that she is happy working at the bank and that she is looking forward to her future. There is just one tiny little question which comes through my mind. Will she stick with that job? Probably not. And I do not think that way because I see her as an insecure woman, I now apprehend that it is totally fine and that there is nothing wrong with changing your future plans. It is okay if you head to the wrong direction and change your path a year or two later. I guess I am just lucky that I have found my path so quickly and with any big detours.

After having that talk with this friend of mine I was able to comprehend her point of view much better and understood that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you as a person change or your notion about life, you just have to keep in mind that you may also have to adapt your studies or work. Because either you change as a person or the circumstances around you change. The hardest part is tough to realise that you have to change something about it. But a soon you realise that there need to be changes made go ahead, take all your courage and do something about it. Because believe me, you will feel much better afterwards.

So go for your dreams, try to put them into action, do not be disappointed if you experience failure or drawbacks because with every step you are making you will learn something new about yourself.
Take care,

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