24 Hours Advice For Exams

There are countless tips and tricks for a good exam preparation. And studying for a test doesn’t start just a day before. Especially not, when you have an important exam coming up. Nevertheless, in this blog post, I would love to share my tips you can do a day before the big day. And obviously, studying tips are not part of this post because, to be frank – who’s able to learn an entire textbook 24 hours before the exam? So better start early with learning, but this is another topic.

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Guest Post – 5 SEO Basics For Absolute Beginners

Yeah! Here’s the second guest post in the context of FebBlogging! I’m really thrilled to announce not only an extremely entertaining but also a very helpful post written by Carina. It means a lot to me that she took the time for this because I know that she is always on the go 😉 Continue reading

Pre-Writing Blog Posts

Whenever I talk to somebody and try to encourage them to start blogging they often counter my idea with the answer of having no spare time. While thinking about this rare good – the time – a friend of mine comes to my mind, because she always said when I was too busy to do things: “One has not time, one has to take the time.” I used to get annoyed by this sentence because it’s a fact that the day only has 24 hours, however, she was right. Think about the time you wasted on a Saturday morning just lying in your bed. Of course, we need these lazy days from time to time but being productive in the mornings just gives me personally a great feeling of actually being able to achieve something. Continue reading

Conquering The Common Cold

Yes, it feels every time like a battle. A battle against a sore throat, a fight against the muscle pain and moreover a race against your running nose – who will be faster? You with your handkerchief or the mucus? As gross as this everything sounds it a very common scenario and in fall when the weather is changing a lot from warm and sunny to cold and windy it would be a little miracle if you do not catch a cold. Continue reading

Things To Do That Make You Happy

Yes, it is again one of these days. The sky is grey, there is no sun and you have no motivation what so ever. I know this feeling too well. I have sometimes a real problem finding a leisure activity which fulfils me with delight. Do not get me wrong, I do many things, which I enjoy, but when you are not motivated, it is hard to start an activity. The difficulty actually just lies in the beginning, because often when you already have started doing something fun you will enjoy it anyway. There are several small things one can do to feel better. Like, for example, lightening a candle, but this only takes some seconds and on weekends when I have more spare time I would have to lighten a million candles to keep me occupied… Continue reading