Comeback For Runners

I used to be a runner. About three years ago I ran three to four times a week. I used to love running. However, this changed rapidly with my first injury. And I would never have thought at that time that this wasn’t going to be my last one. Several others followed – knee problem, back pain, shin splints, Achilles tendon lesion, heel spur and so on. It was just a never ending story. This odyssey of injuries took every single joy I had for sports.  Continue reading

When Your Own Body Fights Against You

This is really hard for me. It took me several attempts to write this post. I’ve written a sentence, reread it, and deleted it. Written it again in a different way, crossed half of it out and rewritten that part again. And when I finally had it all together I just left it untouched in my draft folder for almost five months. Continue reading

Conquering The Common Cold

Yes, it feels every time like a battle. A battle against a sore throat, a fight against the muscle pain and moreover a race against your running nose – who will be faster? You with your handkerchief or the mucus? As gross as this everything sounds it a very common scenario and in fall when the weather is changing a lot from warm and sunny to cold and windy it would be a little miracle if you do not catch a cold. Continue reading