The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

After reading my very first novel by Charles Dickens it was clear for me that I’ll be reading more novels by him. First, I’ve decided to read Great Expectations, however, after I found out that there’s an unfished novel I changed my mind. The thought of reading his last work which he wasn’t able to finish was exciting and I immediately wrote it on my To-Read-List for my Reading Challenge 2016.

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My Reading Goals For 2016

I actually always loved reading. I enjoy great literature. However, due to my studies, I almost lost my passion for it. During the semester, I have to read so many different textbooks and law cases that I can hardly motivate myself to read something for pleasure. Therefore, I recently have set up a Goodreads account in order to keep track of the books I read and more important to have a list of novels I would like to read. Continue reading