24 Hours Advice For Exams

There are countless tips and tricks for a good exam preparation. And studying for a test doesn’t start just a day before. Especially not, when you have an important exam coming up. Nevertheless, in this blog post, I would love to share my tips you can do a day before the big day. And obviously, studying tips are not part of this post because, to be frank – who’s able to learn an entire textbook 24 hours before the exam? So better start early with learning, but this is another topic.

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Why You Shouldn’t Take All Your Teachers Seriously

It doesn’t matter which school you attend or in which year you are. There will always be one or two teachers who you shouldn’t listen to that properly. Of course, if they tell you to be quite and behave in class you should listen. However, I need to specify which kind of teachers I mean.

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Brief Update

Thank you guys for hanging in there! I’ve been extremely busy the last months.

In short: One day after my last exam I had an internship in court, five days after the internship I was travelling through Germany. And as soon I was back home again my part time job started. Writing weekly articles for a law blog is a little bit more demanding and time-consuming that I expected. However, after an amazing and wonderful short trip to Barcelona, I had to prepare the lessons for university.

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Students In A Workplace

Students have an easy life. University starts at ten o’clock and ends at three. On the weekends they don’t have to learn or prepare. This is not quite true. As a law student here in Switzerland we have often courses from eight to five. However, we are able to shift those lectures and then we may have one or two afternoons off. Although having a lot of free time we end up studying for the next lessons and start writing our summaries so that when the exam season comes we can invest more time into the learning process.

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Life Update

Hello, world!! I’m finally back again 🙂 I just had my last exam on Thursday and now I’m feeling so much better and especially relieved.

Sorry that I wasn’t able to post anything proper the last months but I really had to focus on this tests. However, I would love to give you some insights what I’ve been up to this whole time and what will be changing for the future (it will not necessarily have a direct effect on this blog). Continue reading

How To Survive The Exam Season

It is stressful whenever there are upcoming exams. This time has on everyone a different impact. For me personally, it can make me aggressive, moody and even a bit depressed. Sometimes I end up in having a little crises and I start asking myself: “Why me? Why do I even bother with my law studies? Is this really the right path?” However, this is completely normal if something similar occurs to you. It is simply called stress. Nevertheless, there are some tips that may help to cope with it.

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Failing An Exam

Failed. This is the only word I am able to see on my exam. Everything else is blurred. How could this happen? I am shaking right now. I feel like I failed my entire life.

I am studying law at a Swiss University and would have achieved my bachelor degree in a year. Yes… would have… Now I have to repeat the failed exam and due to overlapping courses I have to extend my studies for one additional year.
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