Editors – The Back Room ~ Me Myself And My Music

How could I forget that I have this album in my collection? The Editors, an English rock band released in the year 2005 a what one could call indie-rock, post-punk album. The astonishing thing about it is that this powerful and well-conceived album is their debut.  However, one would never guess by only listening to it that it was produced in the 21st century as the sound reminds a lot of the post-punk wave in the 1980ies. Not only the music but also the singer’s deep voice is reminiscent of great bands like for example Joy Division or R.E.M.
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The Clash ~ Me Myself And My Music

Now, let us talk some music history. As you probably already know from my introductory post to this blog series, I not only like alternative and indie rock but also the wild, chaotic and rebellious punk music. I hope that everyone listening to punk knows this band that actually marked with this album the origins of the British Punk in the late 70s. I am talking about the punk band The Clash.  Continue reading

The Good, The Bad & The Queen ~ Me Myself And My Music

It was in the year 2009 or 2010 when my boyfriend found this album for sale in our schools library. He persuaded me to buy it as he was sure that I would enjoy listening to it. My past-me did, to be honest, not genuinely enjoy it, as it was too experimental for me back then. But my present-me cherishes this varied and somehow a bit different album a lot.
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Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes ~ Me Myself And My Music

I have no idea how I stumbled upon this amazing band. It could be that I heard a song on television. However, I hope that I can awake in you, my dear readers, the same huge enthusiasm for this band like I have. I absolutely love this album. This indie-rock band from Canada, to be more precise, from Montreal, consists of four men and was formed in the year 2010.
By now, most of my reviews in this blog series were guitar dominant albums, this, on the contrary, is known for a heavy use of percussion. As a music lay person, I would say that percussions are drums, but please feel free to correct me 🙂
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club– B.R.M.C. ~ Me Myself And My Music

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In the German language, we have the term “Verpackungsopfer”. If one translated this term word for word into English, it would be something like “packing victim”. This means that if you are a so-called packing victim, you will buy stuff only based on the nice and appealing wrapping. And unfortunately, I am one… I saw this album in our schools media library and was immediately attracted by the album cover. A monochrome photograph of three “bad boys” in leather jackets – this just screamed for independent rock, punk, grunge and alternative rock. But little did I know, when I borrowed this CD, that this band will become one of my absolute favourite ones. Continue reading

Antimatter – Planetary Confinement ~ Me Myself And My Music

Welcome, cold time of the year! This album is for me a typical autumn/winter album, as it is doleful, calm and simple. Antimatter is a melancholic rock band from England. As I already mentioned in the introduction to this blog series, my boyfriend listens among others to metal and this band is a project of Mick Moss who was joined by Duncan Patterson, former bassist and songwriter of a metal band called Anathema. When he showed me some songs of this album, I was immediately captivated by the pure tunes. Continue reading