The Time I Deleted My WhatsApp Data

My alarm clock rings at 7 am and after snoozing it several times I finally manage to open my eyes. I am still lying in my warm bed under the sheets and open my WhatsApp to check my messages. The disaster began here. On my display I am able to read the following: Welcome to WhatsApp. Please enter your number.
Waaahhh!!! Noooo!!! Please, not!! How is this possible?! WhatsApp knows already my number… I have an account… Why?!
Okay… I have to take a breath and reflect what could have happened or what went wrong, I thought.
Let’s go 7 hours back. It was about midnight when I finally was in my bed. That evening I was out with some friends of mine; we all had a lovely dinner and lots of fun together. However, at the time I came home I was really tired. While lying in my bed, I Screenshot_2015-11-11-19-14-56wanted to check my Twitter and Instagram account, before going to sleep. But I wanted to check my notifications without getting messages over WhatsApp. So if I use the Internet on my mobile, I obviously also receive all the WhatsApp texts and in order to avoid that, I quit the program WhatsApp in the settings. Something I often do and something I definitely know how to do – so I thought…
So, I clicked on the button “Force stop”. Though, I was apparently so tired that I also clicked on “Clear data” without noticing and the way things were going I was also confirming that all data of WhatsApp should be permanently deleted.
Long story short: I deleted dozily, half asleep and half awake, my entire WhatsApp chats and data, without noticing it. Yeah… this was a real surprise for me the next morning.
When I realised the next morning what has happened and that all my conversations were deleted I freaked out. I was even angry and furious that I was so stupid the evening before.
What do we learn about my story? Never try to stop your WhatsApp in doze. No, rubbish! That is not the moral of the story. Because what happened after me being angry at myself is important. I realised that we are way too dependent on our mobile. In hindsight, I do not understand why I was so attached to all those messages. Of course, some texts I received were nice and heartwarming. And I thought it would be nice to have them on your phone, but to be honest, it will never be the case that one afternoon I would sit down on my sofa and reread every single text. Or has anybody of you done that? What I am saying, collecting memories and saving them is great, but there are much better ways to do so. Like, for example, photographs, postcards or letter and not stupid texts.
Maybe we all have to delete our WhatsApp data from time to time just to realise once again, how unimportant it actually is and that so many other things in life matter.
Wishing you all a great week and I will definitely leave my phone turned off for some hours…  or at least I will be trying to 😉
Wishing you a great day!
P.S. I found a video about how often we are on our phones, which is quite entertaining and funny to watch. Enjoy!

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