24 Hours Advice For Exams

There are countless tips and tricks for a good exam preparation. And studying for a test doesn’t start just a day before. Especially not, when you have an important exam coming up. Nevertheless, in this blog post, I would love to share my tips you can do a day before the big day. And obviously, studying tips are not part of this post because, to be frank – who’s able to learn an entire textbook 24 hours before the exam? So better start early with learning, but this is another topic.


Get Enough Sleep

I know, learning the night before is something very common. However, if you have a big exam the next morning, believe me, getting a good night’s sleep is better than learning until morning dawn. Just set your alarm clock to a time when you want to stop with revising and then try to get your mind off learning. There is really no use in stuffing last minute all the chapters you haven’t learned into your head. Try to have a calm and relaxing evening. This will set good conditions to start the next day fresh and to take the exam in a motivated and rested state.

Don’t Try New Things

If you have a fixed routine for example when and what you eat for breakfast don’t change it. For example, I would never change my overnight oats for breakfast before an exam. Because I know, that they deliver me sufficient energy for the entire morning. And when you belong to those people who leave their house with an empty stomach, then don’t force yourself to eat something. Maybe just bring a granola bar something else to the exam, if you’re allowed. Just in case you need to increase your sugar levels 😉


Simulate The Exam Situation

This advice is in particular important when a huge exam is coming up. Concentrating for two or even more hours can be challenging. So, a week before the test, sit down at your desk and solve an older exam in the exact same time you’ll be having for the test. And if you haven’t got any access to previous exams just set your timer and try to learn or solve tasks during this time. This will give you a good feeling for the test situation.

Never Underestimate A Well-Thought-Out Time Management

Scheduling the time for the exam is extremely important. Have a look at the points you can reach per task and then divide them with the time you have. For example, at university, we normally have 120 minutes time for an exam. Let’s say this test has a maximum of 40 points. So you’ll end up with 3 minutes per point. And if you can reach in one task up to 11 points this means that you can spend 33 minutes at most on this specific task. Before I even start reading the first question I calculate the time needed for each task and write them on the exam paper next to the questions down.


A Power Walk Before The Exam

Set the alarm clock early enough on your big day. What you certainly want to prevent is having a terrible stressful morning. So plan beforehand how much time you need in the morning to get ready. Just keep in mind to include an extra 20 to 30 minutes for unpredictable things that may happen. However, my advice is also to try to walk to the exam venue. If you take a bus then just get one station earlier off and walk at a brisk pace. This will help you with focusing afterwards


What are your tips for an exam? Let me know in the comment section?


One thought on “24 Hours Advice For Exams

  1. I was never much for studying for exams; if I was studying, then it was something I really didn’t have a handle on and that rarely happened. My mom taught me a saying: “If you study long, you study wrong” and I learned that it means the longer you study something, the more of a chance you have of overthinking whatever you were studying. At best, I’d re-read the material, check my notes… and then forget about the exam until it was time to take it. Otherwise, I pretty much never studied before an exam… and I never failed one.


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