Have I forgotten how to blog?

My last post was published in April. And to be honest it feels so weird sitting down and trying to write something that is more or less interesting. But what have I been up to in those last past months? Several things have happened that were quite time-consuming.


My law studies were this semester challenging, especially because I took several tough exams. Moreover, my last semester was packed with lots of lectures, which left me with having less time for my hobbies. I do love my studies but sometimes I wish it wouldn’t be so demanding. But I guesss this is exactly the reason why love my studies. However, it’s an indescribable feeling when you achieve your goal. My aim was to successfully get my bachelor’s degree this summer and start my master studies this September – and I succeeded! 🙂

books law


In May I moved with my roommate to a slightly bigger and way nicer apartment. During this time we had a full program of filling up numerous moving boxes, cleaning the old apartment, furnishing the new one and assembling new furniture.



It now has been two years since I’ve started with weight training and I quickly increased my training sessions from two to three times a week. Additionally, I started with one cardio session per week. Although it has stolen quite some of my free time it was the best stress reliever. Doing sports can definitely help you to survive a stressful time.


I just love this word and probably the use of it in this context is wrong. But I had no other idea for this title. I had several important projects in my part-time job that had priority. Additionally, I had to finish a paper over my summer break or to be frank, I’m still in the process of finishing it. The deadline is the end of September, so I haven’t got much time left 😉



How to get back into blogging?

Oh my gosh… I never thought that it would be so challenging to start blogging again… I have the feeling that all my ideas and inspirations are gone – just vanished. This sucks.

Maybe I have to remember myself that blogging was always something I enjoyed and hopefully I’ll find my way back to the blogger’s world. The time when I published several posts a week was so long ago…

I guess it just takes some attempts and some shitty blog posts until I’ll find my “writing flow” again.

Have you ever taken a break from blogging or even writing in general?

If you have any ideas for next blog posts feel free to let me know in the comments or if you have any questions just leave your thoughts in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Have I forgotten how to blog?

  1. Blogging takes a period of time as well as some inspiration/motivation; if you have more pressing things to do, oh, like working toward a master’s degree, ya might not have the time, inspiration, or motivation to blog.

    It happens. I’m into my eleventh year of retirement so I have nothing but time on my hands to blog but some days, the inspiration and motivation just isn’t there; it’s not as if I couldn’t find something to write about because there’s something always running around in my head but trying to write it is a whole different kettle of fish.

    Good luck getting your master’s!

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