First Blog Series: Me Myself And My Music

I am really excited to announce my very first blog series. As you probably can already guess from the title it will be about some of my favourite CDs. You have to know that I love music. I can simply not live without it. So back to the series: it will contain album reviews of different bands and hopefully I will be able to make some music tempting for you.


Before I begin with my first post of the series, I would like to give you an understanding of my music taste: My very first album I bought with my pocket money was American Idiot by Green Day. This was the start of my music addiction. I bought several punk rock albums from The Clash, Blink-182, Billy Talent et cetera. I was never into that typical pop music genre. Although I like to listen to the radio and know almost all the songs from the current music hit parade. However, as I met my boyfriend my music taste expanded a little bit as he was exclusively listening to metal and all of the sub-genre at that time. But I never started to listen to the typical metal bands. Within time my music collection now even includes some trip hop and indie electronic. So one can say, that I am quite open to every new music genre.

Now here is the link to my first CD review – enjoy!

Cherry Ghost – Thirst For Romance


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