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Cherry Ghost is an English indie rock band with four members. I stumbled upon them as I heard the cover version “People Help the People” sung by Birdy. You have to know that I am not particularly a fan of song covers, therefore, I wanted to get to know the band who produced the original song and this is how I came across this amazing band.

Album facts:

  • Release: July 2007
  • Tracks:
    • 1. Thirst for Romance
    • 2. 4am
    • 3. Mountain Bird
    • 4. People Help the People
    • 5. Roses
    • 6. Dead Man’s Suit
    • 7. False Alarm
    • 8. Alfred the Great
    • 9. Here Come the Romans
    • 10. Mary on the Mend
    • 11. Mathematics / The Same God

Their debut album starts with a song which will transfer you into a nostalgic mood. If you pay attention to the lyrics you will realise that it is about growing old and wanting the people around you to remember the young and vital version of you. Simon Aldred, the singer has the ability to transmit the feelings of the sometimes oppressive lyrics with his special somewhat deeper voice. When you listen to the album without noticing the lyrics you will think of it as a happy-go-lucky album, but it everything else than this.

Although the album is classified as an indie rock there are some piano tracks on it. Such as People Help The People where the tune is simple but the sound tends to be slow, deep and very calm.  In the end, the rest of the band joins in and although it appears to be more powerful it stays smooth and soft. This song always gives me goosebumps  especially when Simon Aldred sings the high tones. Besides the beautiful melody I like the meaning of the song, particularly this part of the lyrics: “Oh and if I had a brain, I’d be cold as a stone, And rich as the fool, That turned all those good hearts away.” The tracks have all in all a very guitar dominant sound. Song number eight on the album Alfred The Great is by far the fastest one on the entire album and the guitar solos lend this track a “country-folk-rock” taste. This song will definitely uplift your mood.  The first part of the second last song Mary on the Mend  sounds like a soft lullaby.  The instruments are kept low and Aldred’s voice has a comforting effect. After two minutes into the song there is a part where the track gets powerful and the instruments more present. This part is reoccurring again in the last section of the song but the song ends in a slow and  drum dominant finish. The remaining songs position themselves between the mentioned songs. And even the voice of Simon Aldred is not to varied. Although the entire album follows the same concept it will not get boring and the singing is anything else but monotonous, as he has a very trusting and confidential voice. 

All in all this album has a great balance between calm tracks and joyous melodies.

My rating: 10/10


4 thoughts on “Cherry Ghost – Thirst For Romance ~ Me Myself And My Music

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  2. Excellent review. Enjoying the kink to “People help the people” now. I am now going to show my musical ignorance and ask, How would you describe Indie Rock as a genre? I have heard the term alot but am never quite sure where it fits in the Rock world.

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    • I am glad that you enjoy the song 🙂 Puh… good question! It is not easy to describe Indie Rock as it is not a genre with characteristic music instrument like for example Grunge where you have a sludgy guitar sound. Indie Rock is more defined about the popularity of the band. Indie comes from the word independent and one characteristic of this genre is that the bands don’t pursue in first line commercial success. They are mainly low-budget bands with a do-it-yourself-attitude. Another indication is when a band has a big variety in different songs as most of those bands try to explore different sounds and instruments. There is also the genre Alternative Rock and the difference between those two is really difficult.. Until today I don’t fully understand the distinction between Alternative and Indie Rock because for me they sound very similar 😉


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