Conquering The Common Cold

Yes, it feels every time like a battle. A battle against a sore throat, a fight against the muscle pain and moreover a race against your running nose – who will be faster? You with your handkerchief or the mucus? As gross as this everything sounds it a very common scenario and in fall when the weather is changing a lot from warm and sunny to cold and windy it would be a little miracle if you do not catch a cold. Last weekend I was fighting exactly this battle and as I am not a big fan of taking medicine and drugs when I just have a common cold, I refined some of my home-made tips to a ritual in order to get well very soon and gladly it worked quite well. So here are some of my “secrets” :

  1. IMG_0193_signatureWarm socks: This is a very crucial aspect when you are suffering from a cold. Of course, it is not only important to have warm feet but your entire body should also feel warm. However, years ago I read an article about not being able to sleep when your feet are cold and since then I really have the feeling that it is impossible for me to fall asleep when I freeze at my feet. In those moments I wish I was a penguin because these cute creatures never have cold feet. In order to maintain a warm temperature, I put my fluffy woollen socks on, knitted by my grandmother. And if this measure is not enough I make myself a hot footbath or clamp a hot-water-bottle between my feet.
  1. Gargling with salt: This works wonders if you have a sore throat. The salt should disinfect and ease the pain. I like to dissolve one tablespoon of salt in lukewarm water.
  1. Smoothie: This is my personal vitamin pill. The ingredients vary from time to time. I like to through apple, banana, kiwi and berries into my blender. And if I have chia seeds at home I will add one or two tablespoons to have some proteins and omega 3 essential fatty acids. A very good and inexpensive alternative to chia seeds are flax seeds.
  1. Drinking a hot chocolate: Maybe I only convince myself that this point works because it is a very delicious tip. I just have the feeling that the hot milk mixed with cocoa powder helps to loosen up the mucus and sputum.
  1. IMG_0180_signatureGreen tea with ginger and lemon: This is my all-time favourite tea when I feel sick. Freshly brewed is in any case better. I heat up some water with the freshly chopped ginger and leave it simmering for ten minutes. Afterwards, I put some green tea bags into the pan and wait for another two minutes before I am removing them again. Last but not least add some fresh pressed lemon juice. Now it is time to make yourself comfortable and enjoy your cup of tea. If you are running late or do not have the ingredients at home then you can also buy this tea. I like to mix my two favourite Twinings teas. Just add the Lemon & Ginger flavoured tea with the Green Tea & Lemon and you are ready to go.IMG_0174_signature
  1. Fresh air: Although you may not feel like going for a walk, just give it a try. It will hopefully uplift your mood and you will then feel automatically better. But it is really important to keep warm. So do not forget your beanie, scarf and a warm coat.

Take care,


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