Guest Post – 10 Unusual Things About Karen

I am really happy to announce the very first guest post on this blog 🙂

At the beginning of November, I published 10 Unusual Things About Me and tagged amongst others a lovely blogger named Karen McDonough. I stumbled over one of her blog called Flipside Of The Bikini and her amusing and entertaining posts immediately caught my attention. She also has a second blog called urbnfotos,  which is a beautiful photography journal. As none of her blog suits tags like this one, we both thought about a guest post on this blog. And now I want to lift the veil and let Karen present to you 10 unusual things about herself.

10 Unusual Things You Don’t Know About Karen

  1. I have two favorite colors: Blue and Purple. I flip flop between the two depending on what stage of my life I’m at. I haven’t yet figured out why at what stage.











  1. I tell people I’m allergic to raisins, but I’m not. It’s just easier. Because I hate raisins. It guarantees that raisins won’t “appear” in my food. This goes back to when I was about 7 years old. My mother made Easter bread loaves for all the neighbors and I picked out all the raisins when she wasn’t looking. I remember it clearly. I think it was the first spanking I ever got. I just didn’t think raisins belonged in bread.
  1. I worked on two commercials with John Travolta. I danced in one. I synchronized swam in the other. They were Japanese. I found out quickly that, yes, I could hold my breath for over a minute underwater.


  1. I learned how to synchronize swim an hour before the audition. (see #3) I needed the money.
  1. I am an INTP, according to the Meyers-Briggs test. I don’t know if that’s unusual. They say only 3% of the population…so that may make the “unusual” percentage cut.
  1. I bite my nails down to the quick. I only bite them when I read or I’m taking a shower. They are a mess, though. The worst anyone has ever seen – they all say.
  1. I go through what my whole day will entail while I’m taking my morning shower. Hence, #6.
  1. I am a minimalist at home. Yet, I have a bobble head collection. This collection began with a Bob’s Big Boy bobble head and a Pee Wee Herman bobble head I had for our bar. When guests would come over, I would play with the bobble heads making them do funny and nasty things. So my friends and family started giving me more in the hopes of watching more play. Half of them sit in a box in storage. Half of them sit and stare at me while I sleep.


  1. I follow street art. Primarily because I always wanted to be a graffiti artist so I could sneak around and climb up on things. I used to climb up on flat roofs and pop tar bubbles. I also would sneak up on top of my high school flat roof late and night and roller skate on it with a couple friends, praying nobody would catch us. Nobody ever did. I still secretly wish I could do the graffiti. But I don’t seem to have that kind of artist in me. Or the tolerance for being locked up in a jail cell. Haha.

Graffiti Dreamin'

  1. When I recount a story about myself or something that I did, I will make a general statement then say, “No, wait, that’s not true” and I’ll state the exception.

For example: “I swear, everything went wrong yesterday.” Then I’ll say in practically the same breath, “No, wait, that’s not true. Actually, there was no traffic on the freeway on the way to the office.”

It annoys some people but most think it’s kinda cute. Whew! Because it’s pretty much a habit by now.

I am sure there are many other unusual things about me, because we all have the unusual, don’t we? It’s what makes us special. (blush!)

If you would like to connect with Karen here are some links to her social accounts: InstagramTwitter and her blogs: Quirk Sides Of CityFlipside Of The Bikini and  urbnfotos.

A special thanks to Milly, who provides free wonderful photographs with her project 777.

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