My Bucket List

I often say: “Oh, that’s going to be on my bucket list!” However, I never took the time to write it down, so I never had a proper record. But why not start now?

1. Visiting New Zealand

This country was since I first saw a photograph on my bucket list. It’s said to be landscape wise similar to Switzerland – just much more impressive, if you ask me.

And when you watch the Lord of the Rings movies you are also able to see the breath-taking scenery.

2. Learning Spanish

You have to know that I’m  not good at languages. Or at least I was never good at French. I had some Spanish lessons at university and really enjoyed the language. And when I visited Barcelona last year I completely fell in love with the country, culture, food and their language.

Is there a place, a city you could recommend to learn Spanish?

3. Taking Singing Lessons

Did you see my emphasis on taking singing lessons and not learning to sing? I love music and I enjoy listening to all my CDs as you may have guessed from my blog series Me Myself And My Music. However, I’m simply not able to remember a melody. I recognise songs when I listen to them, but I could never hum the melody. I assume there went something wrong during my childhood development. And another problem is that whenever I sing along I always sing one octave deeper without noticing or hearing it. So I guess the link between my brain and my vocal chords is flawed. Nevertheless, I still have hope that if someone thought me how to sing I could get better at it.

4. Holding A Koala

Years ago my mother told me that she once held a koala in her arms as she visited Australia – just imagine holding this sweet furry fluffy animal 🙂

Apparently, their claws can be quite sharp.

Have you ever held a koala?

5. Visiting Iceland

The reason why this point is on my bucket list is my former high school geography teacher. However, he wasn’t my favourite teacher. No, he wasn’t popular at all. He was actually feared by all students. He was so strict that it became unfair. He would bully you if you had the wrong answer (and often there was no way that one could have guessed the correct result). Long story short: our class was traumatised. However, after a year I found out how to formulate my answers and questions that he would leave me alone with his mean comments. Then I somehow even started to enjoy the lessons and especially geography as a school subject. And I have to say, that I never kept school knowledge so long in my head like those geography lessons – so he must have done something right.

However, the first topic was Iceland and on the basis of this magnificent island, he explained to us among other things how glaciers develop and how they formed the ground and landscape. And seeing pictures just made me want to visit Iceland once.

6. Seeing Penguins In The Antarctic

As a child, I always saw those Antarctica expeditions in magazines and it just fascinated me. The only problem I’m just not a big fan of cold climate… So, probably I have to put on a huge down jacket which would leave me looking like a ball of clothes.

7. Climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro

Although I’m afraid of heights I would love to give it a try. Being 5895 meters above sea level just sounds amazing to me!

The highest mountain I’ve been on is the Allalinhorn with 4,027 meters above sea level.

What’s the highest mountain you’ve climbed?

8. Living Some Time Overseas?

There’s a question mark on purpose because I’m still unsure if I really want to live for some time in a different country. On one side I would love the challenge but on the other side why risk it?

Have you ever lived in another country? If yes, how was your experience?

One thought on “My Bucket List

  1. A bucket list, or a “wish list” as I prefer to call it, is always a good reminder of the dreams you should achieve.
    Your list is pretty good so far! NZ is such an amzing country! learning Spanish will take you to beautiful places (in Latin America, I’ve heard many times that it’s best to learn in Mexico, Peru or Bolivia as their accent is more neutral than the other countries – you could be volunteering somewhere, helping you to live overseas at the same time and realize that 8th wish, and learn Spanish at the same time).
    Living overseas is obviously one of my favorites! You should definitely plan this during your studies or right afterwards, to allow you to enjoy the beauties of the world!
    Climbin Mt Kilimanjaro is also on my list! 😉 as well as visiting Iceland and Antartica.
    Never hugged a koala bear but was happy to see them up-close and personal in Australia, right there in a natural park.

    Wishing you to realize those dreams and have many more!


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