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Cody is a post folk band from Copenhagen and I immediately fell in love with the Nordic music. It combines soft melodies with the amazingly deep and often slightly melancholic voice of the main singer.

Album facts:

  • Release: 2010
  • Tracks:
    • 1. Remember When
    • 2. Down In The Dark
    • 3. Ever Go
    • 4. I Want You
    • 5. The Light
    • 6. A Crime
    • 7. Catch The Straw
    • 8. What You Saw, What You See
    • 9. Another Year
    • 10. What’s Behind
    • 11. Your Window

The weather being now grey and drab creates a perfect atmosphere for the tunes from their debut album “Songs”. I own two albums and I had my difficulties to decide on which I should choose for the review, as I enjoy both of them very much. However, I thought why not start from the beginning and talk a little bit about their first album.

“Songs” was released in the year 2010 and don’t ask me how I “discovered” this band – I have no clue… The first title “Remember When” starts with a harmonica creating a cosy atmosphere. I have to admit, it’s not my favourite song as it switches between a folk-like tune and a doleful voice.

All the more I enjoy their second song “Down In The Dark”. With this title, they made a touching song. Although the lyrics describe someone who doesn’t see a way out it still creates a positive vibe. On the one hand through the slightly uplifting melody and on the other hand through the second part of the lyrics:

…I’m down in the dark… Will you come and save me? I’ll wait for you to come.

Will you come and save me? I’ll wait for you to come…

Here’s a clip of a live performance of “Down In The Dark”.

“Ever Go” differs quite from the first two songs. It’s a faster track with a quicker beat. Nevertheless, it suits well to the entire album.

“I Want You” is a calm song packed with emotions. All the guitars and other stringed instruments like for example the violin lend this track a great softness.

“The Light” is a bit catchier as the previous one. It’s just so beautiful and I’m not good at naming instruments but I guess it’s the tune of a banjo which gives this song a more folk like touch.

The next title on this album “A Crime” starts sluggishly. I don’t mean it in a negative way, not at all. However, it keeps that more or less lazy appearing beat through the entire song. This somehow tardy rhythm creates a feeling like time stands still. It’s like everything around you is frozen by a coldness.

“Catch The Straw” is if we stick to seasons, comparable with the first spring morning of the year. It’s very soft and light. The singer’s voice is not monotonous at all like it’s used to be in other songs. Cody kept this light melody for the next song “What You Saw, What You See”. The beat is slightly uplifting.

Track number nine “Another Year” belongs to my favourites! It’s the perfect mixture of doleful tunes and faster beats. And of course, the banjo plays also an important part. However, I have to admit that I never realised how long this intermezzo is until I’ve seen the live version on YouTube. If you have a look at the video below it will start at 3:40.

Whenever I listen to “What’s behind” I get goosebumps. The higher voice fits just so perfectly to the instruments which are kept quite in the background. It’s a soulful and very touching song.

You can’t hide from this. You can’t from us. This is you.

You’re a sinner.

Where’s the truth behind your innocence? I could love you for the real thing.

With the last song “Your Window” I just completely fell in love! The tunes are gentle and the soft, almost fragile voice, makes the song complete.

Why don’t you look outside the window? Instead of asking me?

Are you afraid of dying?


I own the extended version of their album “Songs” therefore I belong to the lucky ones who can enjoy six more tracks 🙂 And those extra songs are definitely worth buying. Here’s just another video of a live performance of their track “Comfort And Rage”:

I’ve bought a music CD as I’m not a big fan of downloading music on iTunes. I just prefer to have the CD in my hands. I guess you’re able to find a CD version of this extended version somewhere on Amazon.

As I mentioned already several times before, I just love this album, therefore, I have nothing to criticise.

My rating: 10/10

And I’m really looking forward to listening to their two latest albums Windshield and I’ll Ride with you. Those two are still on my “Need-to-buy-list” 😉


All rights for the videos belong to Kaspar Kaae and to The Copenhagen X Sessions.

2 thoughts on “Cody – Songs ~ Me Myself And My Music

  1. Thank you for sharing about the band. Their tunes are so soothing. The tune of violin in the song ‘comfort and rage’ is something that lingers in my mind alluring me to listen to it one more time. Thank you again for sharing about this wonderful band.

    Liked by 1 person

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