Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

Hello 🙂 Long time no see! I hope that you all are doing fine. I’m really sorry that I’m neglecting the blog so much. But I was really busy with my studies and the part-time job. However, as I saw this weeks photo challenge by Daily Post, I got immediately inspired.

The topic New Horizon can be about your New Years Resolutions, but you may already know my opinion on that – I’m not a fan.

I do make some kind resolutions but more in a way that I’d like to pick up a new hobby or start a new habit. Sometimes they are successful but other times I just end up trying to put a resolution into practice and fail every time. Like using dental floss on a regular basis. Or becoming a more organised person.

However, I like setting myself new goals and aims. And every time I do so, it’s like seeing a new horizon – a new beginning.


Have you recently picked up a new habit?

Have a lovely Sunday evening 😉


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

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