What We Can Learn From A Journalist

Last weekend I attended a workshop for aspiring young journalists in Zurich. The event was organised by an association called “Junge Journalisten” which stands for Young Journalists.

For me, it was the first time I ever took part in such an event. I wouldn’t call myself a journalist and as a law student, it’s not my first priority becoming one. However, I love to write and wouldn’t want to miss it. Moreover, my part time jobs include writing as the main task. But when are you a journalist? How many experience do you need to have in order to call you a journalist? This dilemma is comparable to the question when can you call yourself a blogger? Am I a blogger? Probably. Are you immediately a blogger when you own a website and publish your personal thoughts? Yes, why not?

Are you a journalist or do you just enjoy writing?

The event was designed for journalists or the ones who aspire to be one day. I’ve met a bunch of people who called themselves journalists. One writes for a regional paper. The other one creates content for a podcast and has a personal blog. Some were writing for a paper some years ago but are now searching for a new challenge. The one thing all had in common was the love for writing. I don’t want to answer the question completely. I guess this is something everyone needs to decide for themselves.

Motivation is the key to success

On the last day of this event, we were able to listen to two amazing journalists who were bubbling over with ideas and moreover who brought a huge amount of motivation along. It was indeed inspiring to see what’s their personal driving force. One was able to feel immediately that they are living for what they do. And this energy is so immensely infectious that it simply electrifies. Nonetheless, not only being motivated but also having enough courage is essential for a good career. Especially the speaker from a women magazine emphasised that it’s even more important for a woman to show courage and power. Sadly, it’s still the reality that women are paid less especially in jobs where men dominate the business. If you are interested in reading more about the gender-role-problem here are two posts:

Don’t ever underestimate the headline

Besides a big portion of motivation, you need fancy ideas for your title, be it for your blog post or your article. This is something I really need to work on as I often don’t invest much time for my headlines. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on the event where we learnt the essentials for a good title. Here are just some inputs which you can build in your title:

  • Make sure you have a clear message
  • Using numbers makes your title eye-catching
  • Rising a question makes your headline interesting

Wishing you all a happy writing!



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