Why You Shouldn’t Take All Your Teachers Seriously

It doesn’t matter which school you attend or in which year you are. There will always be one or two teachers who you shouldn’t listen to that properly. Of course, if they tell you to be quite and behave in class you should listen. However, I need to specify which kind of teachers I mean.

Grades Are Just Numbers

This is something I still need to learn. Obviously, there are some benchmarks you need to achieve in order to pursue your studies. And in university your grades will become much more important than the ones you had in your high school years. Just recently I tidied up my room and came across my final marks from high school. If I would have chosen my studies based on my grades I should have studied English, geography, art or psychology. And definitely not law as I always was only average. Nonetheless, I decide to study law and I couldn’t have made a better decision. I just love the subjects (not all to the same extent ;-)) and I don’t mind to invest a lot of time into learning and preparing for my classes.

So, if you struggle with deciding on your studies, just ask yourself where are your interests? Is there a subject you could learn day and night? Moreover, having average test results in high school doesn’t mean that you would fail in university because the exams differ a lot. Forget about the numbers and trust more your feelings.

Writing Is Individual

I do really love writing. Writing about law, economy, what concerns me and about much more. But if you ask my German high school teacher if I should start writing for a magazine or a German blog about law she would definitely advise me not to do so. During high school, I really struggled with writing essays that suited the German teachers taste. I somehow didn’t get which writing style she preferred. And although my marks in German were average I’ve written in my studies three really good papers. Moreover, the main task of two part time jobs I have is writing.

Not only writing but also art is something so individual and every teacher will grade you differently. So don’t take your teacher’s opinion too seriously.

Don’t Give Up

To be honest, my German high school teacher put me off writing for a while. I lost the joy I used to have. And all my imagination for stories had been extinguished by the bad grades. It’s actually a little bit sad that she could take the motivation for writing. Because before high school I loved to sit down and write short stories. I once even tried to start writing a novel. So, my advice for you is just to pursue your dreams and continue the things you love to do.

Let me know if there has been a teacher who discouraged you in an aspect?


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