Brief Update

Thank you guys for hanging in there! I’ve been extremely busy the last months.

In short: One day after my last exam I had an internship in court, five days after the internship I was travelling through Germany. And as soon I was back home again my part time job started. Writing weekly articles for a law blog is a little bit more demanding and time-consuming that I expected. However, after an amazing and wonderful short trip to Barcelona, I had to prepare the lessons for university.

From my last update, you may know that my exams I took in June were very important. As they in some way decided if I could pursue my studies. And now, I’m so happy to tell you that I passed each of them! This was really a great confirmation that my learning plan worked.

Oh, and there’s something else – I chopped off my hair 😉 Maybe if you are following me on Instagram you’ve already seen the picture. I’ve donated almost 30 cm to a Swiss organisation which creates wigs out of real hair.

So, I guess this is in short what happened over the last months.

Wishing you all a great weekend!


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