My First Lush Bath Bomb

Can you believe that I never tried a bath bomb? Although I love having long baths while listening to music or reading a book. And no, luckily I always managed to keep my book dry 😉 However, yesterday I treated myself with my first Lush Bomb – the Yoga Bomb.

The purchase of this bath bomb was, to be honest really spontaneous and a very hasty action. Because as I was at the cash register I realized that I would need to buy another product in order to collect some Lush Points. Here in Switzerland, you get one point for each purchase over 30 Swiss Francs. So, I just asked the shop assistant which bath product she would recommend for relaxation. I just had a short sniff and look at the Yoga Bomb. And this is how I purchased it. Not really my normal shopping habit…

The Look And Scent

It has a nice light orange colour to it. If you have a very close look you’re able to see some glitter.

Lush Bath Bomb Yoga Bomb

I don’t, in particular, enjoy the smell of this bath bomb unless it unfolds the entire fragrance in the bath tub. I got the feeling that the bomb itself smells a little bit sweeter than when it’s dissolved in the water. However, when you put it into the warm water I loved the smell. It’s difficult to describe but it has something woody but still a little bit refreshing.

Lush describes the Yoga Bomb as following:

Take a journey of the self as reassuringly soothing sandalwood oil creates a sanctuary of calm in your bath. When you plunge this meditative fizzer into the water, slow mesmerising shades of oranges, purples and turquoise will unfurl. At the same time deeply relaxing olibanum and ho wood release, fragrancing your body and surroundings. It’s the ideal atmosphere to lie back and contemplate life.

(Source: Lush)

The Yoga Bomb In Action

The bath bomb belongs, I guess, to the slower releasing ones, compared to other bath bombs I watched on YouTube. It was quite fascinating to watch how it slowly turned and swirled gently in the water. There were also some bubbles and little foam.

Lush Bath Bomb Yoga Bomb

Eventually, the promised colours purple and turquoise started to show. However, they got mixed up with the orange colour and the end result was a more or less unappealing orange-greenish one.

Lush Bath Bomb Yoga Bomb

When sitting in the tub I only realised then how many glitter this bath bomb contained – the water was sparkling!

The Effect

It helped a lot to relax and letting the evening gently fading. After the bath, I was calm and tired in a good way. Also, my muscle thanked me as they weren’t so sore anymore.

The Cleaning

I guess adding this point to a review is quite uncommon. However, I tried several bath oils and either they leave a coat or worse – the colour stays and you have to rub like forever to clean it.After having the bath I washed the tub with some water out. However, the glitter stayed at the bottom. But with some glass or bath cleaner you’re able to wipe every glitter away.

After having the bath I washed the tub with some water out. However, the glitter stayed at the bottom. But with some glass or bath cleaner you’re able to wipe every glitter away.

Lush Bath Bomb Yoga Bomb

I Would Recommend It  To…

…people who had a stressful day or did a challenging workout and need some relaxation. And if you don’t enjoy scents who are way too sweet, like me, then the Yoga Bomb could be the one for you.

What is your favourite Lush Bath Bomb? Let me know! I’m ready for new Lush experience 😉


6 thoughts on “My First Lush Bath Bomb

    • I couldn’t agree more with you!! Because I really don’t enjoy the store itself due to the many different scents mixing up, I always have quite a long shopping list with my favourite products I need to buy. This way I try to minimize the time I spend there 😉

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