Life Update

Hello, world!! I’m finally back again 🙂 I just had my last exam on Thursday and now I’m feeling so much better and especially relieved.

Sorry that I wasn’t able to post anything proper the last months but I really had to focus on this tests. However, I would love to give you some insights what I’ve been up to this whole time and what will be changing for the future (it will not necessarily have a direct effect on this blog).


Yes, the month of exams is always challenging and particularly energy consuming. Maybe you already know that I failed some exams during my law studies. Here’s a post about how you can deal with a failed test. Nonetheless, the university system is not really student friendly and with all the points (the so-called European Credit Transfer System, ECTS Points) you have to achieve, there’s a huge pressure. I don’t know how it’s with other studies or in other countries, but when you start studying law at a Swiss University you know something for sure: half of your fellow students will not be studying any longer with you after only a year.

In the first year, we have a so-called assessment, where about 50 % of the students will fail the exams. However, even after this year, it doesn’t get easier, to be honest, it even gets more difficult. As we are only allowed to have two failed exams and we can redo them once it was really important for me to invest a lot of time in learning and preparing. After months of learning and having quite a good feeling about the exams, I’ll know for sure if I passed them in the end of July. Because you never know if the answers you’ve written down are the answers they wanted to hear. Law is not like maths where there’s a right or wrong. There’s one quite famous saying all law students, at least here in Switzerland know and make fun of.

“Whenever you’ll ask a law student or a lawyer his first answer will not be a clear yes or no. It will be:

“It depends on…”

And this for sure is true. It depends on… It depends on the circumstances, on the characteristics of a contract, on the intention and will of each party and so on.

So, to all fellow law students out there – I feel you…. Having a correct answer and nicely putting your arguments together may not be enough if you took the wrong path. Therefore, I can simply not tell you how my exams went or if I succeeded in them. Obviously, I hope that my good feeling is not deceiving me.


Probably you know, that I already have a part time job where I write articles for a Management and Quality magazine. Still, I’ve been looking out for a job which would have a closer connection to my studies. Because even if you were able to finish your studies it’s so hard to get a job afterwards. The best way is to start a part-time job while you’re still studying although this is sometimes a mission impossible due to the lack of time.

The funny part of this story is more how I noticed this new job. I was once again in the library with a friend of mine to study. She wasn’t very concentrated and read some online newspapers on her laptop. She then had a look at our student’s website and looked at the job offers. This caught my attention as I was also searching for a part time job. So I shoved my textbooks aside and opened up my own laptop to look at the offers. And there was one which sounded interesting but as the description was extremely short I had no clue which tasks this job would include. It just said that you have to work and edit legal texts. So, I gave it a try and gave them a call with the thought in my mind: “Probably, it will be nothing for me. I’ll be talking just once to them, for sure.” However, I was proven completely wrong. After sending in my application I got only a day after a call that I had a job interview. And the interview went so well, that I simply didn’t realise that I was told that I actually have the job. Yes, that part is a bit embarrassing, but typical for me 😀

Long story short, I got the job even if I never thought I would get it and my task is now to write a blog about the legal problems start-ups and young firms may face. Once again, my writing skills were deciding for a job. They are even the main instrument for the job. To my surprise, I never thought that I could score with my writing as my teachers were never fond of my essays. But this will be a topic for another post 😉

And Now?

I’m so excited about this job and when my studies start again in September I definitely need to organise myself more and plan fix writing session into my week. Because I do not want to give up this blog. You guys are so amazing! At this point, thank you again for your support and all the lovely comments!

To answer the question “and now”, I’ll probably have to say holidays! Finally! However, before I can enjoy my free time I have a short internship at a court. I’m so happy that I was given this opportunity. Now I can apply all the knowledge I had to learn for my last test about procedural law 😉

For this blog there will be no changes, foremost because I will still not be sticking to fix schedule. But I definitely want to keep up the contribution to the Daily Post Photo Challenge, if I have a suitable photograph, and I’ll be further presenting some of my favourite music bands, besides my regular posts.

However, if you have some ideas or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

This should be all for the moment.

Hope you’re doing well and take care,



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  1. This post just makes me feel excited for upcoming things in my life. But not yet,im still a teenager. And I definitely love your blog so im following it. 🙂
    It would be super awesome if you were following me too.

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