Some Of My Favourite Movies

I really enjoy watching movies, I mean who doesn’t? However, I prefer often a little bit unknown movies and I’m particularly not a big fan of the typical Hollywood romantic film. So I thought, why not share some of my favourite movies with you.

1. Into The Wild

Leaving everything behind and walking on your own through nature sounds very tempting. I’ve never travelled on my own and after seeing this movie I always get an immense urge to pack my things and wanting to take the next train or flight.

Short Plot

It’s a true story about a university graduate named Christopher McCandless who is sick of the materialistic lifestyle his parents and friends pursue. He abandons all his belongings (money, credit card, car and mobile phone) and hikes through Arizona, Mexico, Los Angeles and finally developing the aim to walk through Alaska. Somewhere in Alaska with no civilisation or any possible connection to other people.


The movie is quite special as the plot has not much content. One is able to summarise it in a few sentence but what makes the movie special are the great pictures combined with an amazing soundtrack produced by Eddie Vedder. It’s definitely a movie where you need to appreciate the landscapes, the emotions transmitted and the beautiful melodies. And there’s one quote from this movie which after I heard it the first time I simply was unable to get it out of my head:

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

2. The Believer

I always had a big interest when it comes to the German history. Especially, the time between 1933 and the fall of the Wall in November 1989. I’ve read several books about the Third Reich and I’m always shocked all over again when I read something about Nazism. The Boy in the striped Pyjamas presents this time in a very naive way through the eyes of an eight-year-old (I’ve written a book review about it which you can read here, if you’d like). However, the Nazi movement didn’t only take part in Germany but also in different countries, like for example in the US. And the movie The Believer brings the viewer to this time with its brutal plot.

Short Plot

The movie is also based on a true story (yes, you assumed correctly, I have a weakness for movies with a real historical background 😉 ) about a Jewish student called Daniel, who is indeed a very clever mind but he got on a wrong path as he joined a Neo-Nazi Movement in New York. Obviously, he has to keep his religious identity secret but supporting the Neo-Nazis with vandalizing a synagogue triggers a real mental struggle in Daniel which then gets out of hand.


I’ve seen this movie three times and the last time I’ve seen it I couldn’t sleep and got nightmares. And normally, movies don’t affect me at all but this one is so upsetting, disturbing and shocking at the same time. What I in particularly enjoy about it, is that you get to know some things about Judaism, which I find any way a very interesting religion. Moreover, it shows the inner conflict Daniel has and how he approaches the people in order to get them convinced of Nazism. The psychological aspect is though not very present in this movie.

3. Requiem For A Dream

To be honest, I’m actually not sure why I like this movie. I never did drugs nor will I and I don’t have friends who are in this scene. Anyway, I guess the interest is here because luckily, I’ve never come in contact with it. Just that you’re warned: it’s what one could call a crazy movie 😉 Not only the soundtrack but also the pictures and camera work are very unusual.

Short plot

The movie focuses mainly on three characters who struggle with different kind of drugs and their addiction. So there’s Sara Goldfarb, a TV-obsessed widow who starts taking diet pills in order to lose weight but is unable to stop. While she experiences severe side effects, her son Harry (played by Jared Leto, I mean who can resist does blue eyes 😉 ) and his girlfriend Marion deal with drugs and take heroin and cocaine. However, when all three of them realise the disastrous consequences the drugs have, they are already stuck too deep in the spiral.


A great movie which shows the real consequences of a dangerous lifestyle with drugs. It leaves a lasting impression on how an addiction can mess and finally destroy your life.

4. Die Welle

Once again, a movie revolving around a Nazi-themed subject. It’s a German production but it’s based on an early German play from 1981 which again itself is based on a real experiment called The Third Wave from 1967. So again, it’s a film which is loosely based on a true story.

Short plot

High school teacher Rainer Wenger has to teach his class about the Third Reich and during a lesson the discussion if a dictatorship like at that time would be nowadays possible in Germany, started. The students were sure that this wouldn’t work. The teacher subsequently starts an experiment to demonstrate how easily it is for only one person to manipulate a bigger group. It starts innocently with the students calling their teacher Mister Wenger instead of only his first name, Rainer and greeting him with a specific hand sign. Nonetheless, already here it’s possible to draw parallelisms to Hitler and his approach of manipulating the masses. However, it only starts off as a school experiment which then escalates.


The psychological aspect which was not the main theme in the movie The Believer is very well present in this one. I like how they show the thoughts, motifs behind this manipulation. And of course, it is shocking how easily we humans can get manipulated by others.

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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