Keeping My Blog As A Secret

You probably already know that when started my blog I wanted to keep my identity anonymous. I didn’t want to show my full face in a photograph, didn’t want to reveal my real name or any other personal information. Also, my about page doesn’t hold very much information. However, in my latest posts it somehow probably gleamed a little bit through that I’m willing to reveal more.

I’m not only keeping my identity away from you but also, my friends don’t know about my blog. So there are actually two different sides of this secret, the one I have with you concerning my person and the other one regarding my friends and family who have no clue that I have a blog and that I’m active on Twitter and Instagram.

My Secret Towards Friends

I always told myself when I reach 100 subscribers I’ll be more open about my blog. I could invite some of my friends to like my Facebook Blog Page or drop a comment about blogging. However, I now have 91 WordPress followers and 6 e-mail followers, so I’m rather close to my goal of 100. But thinking about revealing the secret to my friends makes me nervous and very insecure.

Why I Keep It As A Secret

I was and to be frank, I’m still afraid, that my friends will find my blog silly. Although blogging is much more accepted and common in today’s time in my circle of friends nobody pursues this hobby, except my dear friend Carina. You now would think that having a close friend who already is a blogger would make it much easier for me to talk about it with other friends of mine.  But, that’s not so simple and easy. Carina started half a year earlier than me with blogging  and she soon got a lot of attention, followers, comments and recognition. This triggered sometimes a feeling of not being good enough, as I don’t have the same amount of followers. Moreover, Carina is an English student and is confronted with the language every day. I, on the other hand, just like the language and enjoy reading and writing in English but my studies at uni include not one single word in a foreign language except a little bit of French or Latin. So, I’m not quite sure if having a blogger friend helps with talking more openly about your own blog, but for me, it is even to some extent intimidating.

There’s also one further argument why I keep the blog as a secret. I sometimes imagine how it would be when my friends from primary school, high-school and/or university would read every post. This thought is somehow scary. And I guess I would also feel embarrassed. In the beginning of my blogging adventure I probably would have been embarrassed about my English. However, within the time I got more confident about my language skills. Not that they’re flawless, by all means not at all! But I feel more self-assured about my writing. I guess practicing helps really a lot.

blogging, writing

Of course, I’m not writing about things which are too private and I wouldn’t feel comfortable to share. However, the thought of telling my friends about the blog gets less scary. But still, I guess, I would feel embarrassed when my close friends read personal posts about topics which they wouldn’t necessarily associate with me.

Nevertheless, not only my friends don’t know about my blog but also my family has not the slightest idea about my hobby. And I have, to be honest with, imagining the scenario where my family members would read my blog, is so awkward. And I mean awkward as hell. The only person who I wouldn’t mind knowing of my blog would be my grandmother. If my parents knew about it, I would find it really weird. Mainly, because I have the feeling that they wouldn’t understand why I share my life with the Internet. And I can’t hold it against them as they grew up in a completely different time and there is also not very much interest present when it comes to blogging or YouTube. I often explain them the concept of blogging or vlogging but obviously it’s difficult for them to understand and retrace the motives behind it.

My Secret Towards My Readers

You have not much of an idea how I look let alone my name. You actually don’t know much about me. However, you know something about my childhood, my struggles with depression, my taste of music, my political views and about life at university.

For me, it was clear, from the beginning on, that I want to reveal my real name to my readers. But, still, I’m sitting here in front of my laptop, writing about my thoughts, emotions, and fears and I’m not able to bring myself writing my real name down. I’ve said myself, that I would reveal something, be it my name or a photograph, as soon as I reach 100 followers. I know, I’m not too far away from this goal.

The only picture of me shows half of my face. Obviously, people knowing me would immediately recognise who’s behind this blog. However, I thought that wearing eyeliner, which I normally don’t wear would make the identification a little bit harder. That’s the secret behind my eyeliner 😉 And in order to disguise me more, I also changed the settings of the picture to monochrome as I guessed a black and white photo of myself wouldn’t reveal instantly my true identity. That’s kind of silly, isn’t? 😀

However, I’m curious about your notions on this topic?

1. Do you stay anonymous in your blog?

2, Do your readers know your real name?

3. Are you posting pictures of you in the Internet?

4. Do your friends and family know about your hobby?

5. If you have opened up more and revealed more within time, what changed your mind to do so?

Leave me your thoughts on this subject in the comment section, would be really happy to read some of your stories! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Keeping My Blog As A Secret

  1. For me blogging was about connecting with people in the same boat as me – at the time it was newly married and 100% committed to making my marriage work for life – even though I subscribe to no higher power. I felt like I was the only one so I reached out and realized I’m not a unicorn – and I’ve made online friends I never would have! Since the point of my blogging was to connect – I’m 100% honest. You can see me, my face. There’s only 3 things off-limits on my blog: my sex life, photos of my niece, and those cherished moments between my husband and I.

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  2. It is totally scary putting yourself out there. I feel that. I’m new to blogging and have struggled with the fear as well. However, I do use my real name and I did make it known to my family and friends. Not everyone is supportive, but I try to have a thick skin to that sort of thing. As I blog more, I’m sharing more about myself. Readers really like to know about the person behind the words. Helps them connect and such. I personally would love to know more about you 🙂

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    • Yes! I’ve never looked at it that way. Never considered the aspect of it being scary, but that’s so true.
      Thank you for encouraging me to open up more 🙂 I’ll definitely keep your comment in mind when I reveal more about myself.


  3. I chose to use my real name on my blog. One of the reasons I created my blog was so that my friends and family could kind of feel like they weren’t that far from me when I moved. Granted it took me a while to share the link with everyone, but those that started reading had only positive things to say. I’m sure there are definitely people that think my blog is silly, but I’ve come to the realization that I don’t really care what they think. I enjoy blogging.

    From what little I’ve read of your blog–I just found it–you seem really interesting, and I enjoy reading what you have to say.

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