Les Yeux Sans Visage – New Age ~ Me Myself And My Music

Punk’s not dead. We all know that. But Post-Punk is not dead as well. If you listen to this EP you’ll probably be thinking that they are an English New Wave band from the late 70ies or early 80ies. Sorry to disappoint you, because your guess would have been completely wrong. It’s much better because this band released their EP New Age in 2009. What even astonished me more was the fact that they are not British at all. We actually have something in common – living in Switzerland.

EP facts:

  • Release: November 2009
  • Tracks:
    • 1. New Age
    • 2. Orchestra
    • 3. Little Girl
    • 4. Christmas

New Age sets the mood right – gloomy, dull and monotonous. The beat, in the beginning, reminds a lot of a faster Joy Division song. However, not only the tune but also the fascinating deep and unique voice reminds me a little bit of Ian Curtis or bands like Editors or Interpol. During this almost three minutes long song the drums play probably the most important role. Especially in the first half of the track they dominate and get supported by the other instruments. The second part includes an intermezzo introduced by the dull and rhythmic sound of drums and bass. It ends by getting more and more powerful and even a bit aggressive.

The second song called Orchestra is calmer despite being accompanied by a fast drum beat. This track sets more the focus on the voice rather than the instruments as the singer leads through the entire song. Although Orchestra creates a similar atmosphere like New Age I get the feeling that one can sense that this band is not from the late 70ies but from nowadays. This could be the case because this track sends a more modern and “pop” vibe.

Little Girl will set you then back again in the early 80ies with its, compared to the other songs, fastest beat. Being the shortest track on this EP has not stopped them to pack it with an immense variety of music styles and experimenting with different rhythms. The voice, in the beginning, introducing the song, produces a slightly unusual atmosphere. However, the singer soon recreates the sombre mood with his low and deep vocals. The most special thing about this song is the very last part where one could say they get even a little bit crazy 😉

Christmas is their last and longest track with its over 5 minutes. Don’t be deterred by the title of this song because the melody has nothing to do with the Christian holiday. It has nevertheless, a thoughtful, tranquil and contemplative touch to its melody. The big finale marks a great ending to this amazing EP.

Those four tracks are definitely worth listening to if you enjoy music genres like New Wave, Post-Punk or Shoegaze. My absolute favourite song would be New Age.

And if you are already put under their spell here you’re able to listen to the other songs and download their album.

Saving the best for last, they produced an album with overall 10 tracks, in the year 2012 called Tomorrow Is A Million Years. And I’m really looking forward to buying it and then presenting it to you in another Me Myself And My Music.

Have a nice weekend and happy Easter! 🙂


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