My Sunday Blues

The sun shines through my window. The warmth and light tickle me softly and wake me gently up. I hear the birds welcoming the Sunday with joyful melodies. Sounds like a perfect start for a great day? Well, not for everyone. I hate Sundays. To be more accurate I hate every free day where I have no fixed appointment. Often I’m looking really forward to my day off, at least the evening before it, but as soon as the day starts I get frustrated, blue, unmotivated and very moody.

My Normal Sunday

When I have nothing to do on my day off but, for example, cleaning or tidying my room I get bored very easily. In the morning, I lay for at least one hour in bed and will stay in my pyjamas the entire day unless I force myself to leave the house. Wearing your PJs is a thing which doesn’t help at all to get productive. You are always able to switch between your living room and your cosy warm bed. When I finally get under the shower I feel better and fresher. I have few minutes of motivational thoughts like: “Yes, I’m going to clean my entire room, do something for university and go for a run or a walk.” But this lasts not for very long. Because on a free day, I always have a huge mess with my meals. I have never a proper breakfast nor a fulfilling lunch. This leaves me with snacking on fruits, vegetables and leftovers. No wonder, I feel uncomfortable and still hungry after this. Another problem is, that I’m a person who needs company. I get drained quickly when I’m alone for too long. Of course, I need my evenings where I can enjoy some alone time but an entire day without any other human contact is almost a mission impossible for me. And if I manage, against all odds, to do so, I feel miserable. I feel nearly depressed. So this actually sums up my last Sunday. And after spending some thoughts I even got upset because I wasted my time with sitting, lying and just doing nothing. Sundays would be perfect for a writing session in the morning or afternoon, but when I don’t have a routine I end up doing nothing at all.

However, last Sunday I somehow managed to leave the house, but only because I was going to see my boyfriend. And on the way to him, I wrote this post. So I guess, I was a little bit productive in the end.

My Plan For Future Sundays

Most people experience the Sunday blues because they are hung over from last night, or they are sad that the weekend is almost over. For me, it’s none of the above mentioned reasons, because I miss the routine I have during the week. On a Sunday, I normally am looking forward to Monday.

The stupid thing is that I know exactly what’s missing and what I need to get more motivated. I need a plan, more like a routine for my Sunday. So I thought, why not share my plan with you. Maybe it will also help the one or the other with getting their motivation for Sundays.

Waking up: The important thing with this very first step is waking up and getting out of bed. Because when I stay for only a few minutes longer in bed I’ll get so tired that I’ll be staying for another thirty minutes at least.

Shower: Having a cold shower will definitely help with waking up completely. I also would like to combine it with pampering myself. Let’s say making a body scrub or a hair mask. This is obviously more time-consuming but I enjoy the comforting feeling you get when you invested time solely for you.

Getting dressed: Out of the PJs and into clothes. Not the comfy trousers or the loose jumper. Something which you would wear to go outside.

Doing Some Shopping: With shopping I don’t mean some cloth shopping, I mean buying some fresh fruits or vegetables. Because during the week I’m so busy that I’m only able to buy stuff for the next to days. And why not enjoy the sun while walking to a grocery. On Sundays the only shop open is the one at the train station, so for me it’s a twenty minutes long walk along the lake with a great view which is quite nice.

Breakfast: My Sundays often fail because their lacking of a proper breakfast. Usually, I’m a “breakfast-person” (someone who enjoys huge breakfast). However, I guess through my studies I developed to a hardly-breakfast-eating person. I eat in the mornings, but it’s mostly something very little. So, my plan for my future Sundays would be to have a yummy and yet filling breakfast.

Before Lunch Program: I guess this point can vary a lot depending on the weather. I either want to go out for a walk, tidy the apartment or do some sports. If I go for a run, I obviously will postpone the showering after my run.

Lunch: Since I go to the gym regularly and built up some muscles (before I did one year very little sports), I realise that my body needs more energy in total. And I get so grumpy and aggressive whenever I’m hungry. Therefore I need to make sure that I’ll eat a proper lunch.

Writing Session: After lunch, I could make myself a coffee or a tea and start writing something for the blog. If I’m not inspired enough I’ll probably just be reading an interesting book beforehand or read other blogs. When I’m very productive I’m able to pre-write two to three posts and this would ease the stress I have during the week due to university and other commitments. Check out my post about pre-writing blog posts here.

Dinner: This point on my program is probably the only one which I already did. So there’s not much to add than just enjoying your self-cooked dinner.

Relaxing: I like to watch some television or a movie in the evening in order to relax.

Now, what’s left to do? Nothing but trying to commit to this plan. I’ll hope it will work and it will not fail due to my lack of discipline.

Oh, there’s just one thing which came to my mind: There’s a song I listened to last Sunday and although the lyrics are not very uplifting the melody will improve your mood. Moreover, the title is very accurate for this post, because whenever I lay in bed and do nothing I start feeling ill like I have a cold. And as soon as I go out the “cold” disappears mysteriously – O, wonder!  😉

Wishing you a great week!


4 thoughts on “My Sunday Blues

  1. Great post and something I can relate to quite a lot, especially the unproductive part because over the last 2 or 3 years I changed from a morning person to someone who stays in bed till 9 or 10 am just out of lazyness. But because this takes a lot of time away from my weekends I’ll do my best to change this back again.

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