FebBlogging In Retrospect

Today’s the last day of February. If you’ve been following my blog you know that this month has been packed with posts revolving only about blogging and writing. Now, on the 29th of February, I would love to recall the last month with you. It’ll be quite a short post as it was not planned at all, but anyway, here it is.

FebBlogging Blogging

29 Days And 15 Posts

I’ve never published so many posts in one month and let me tell you something it was quite stressful. It was not exhausting at all to come up with all the ideas, the main problem was the lack of time. Although the semester started only last week I was away for some days and had a lot of other commitments. This resulted in me preparing all the posts, scheduling them and pre-writing all the tweets.

3 Guest Posts

A real stress reliever were the three guest posts written by amazing people. It started with a personal post “Why I Love Blogging” by Juni Desireé, followed by a more technical yet very simple and good explained post about the “5 SEO Basics For Absolute Beginners” by my dear friend Carina and last but not least a very interesting and the most informativ post about “The Multilingual Blogger” written by a very inspirational blogger named Carrie.

At this point – Thank you so much for being a part of FebBlogging! 🙂

The Most Popular Posts

Looking at my stats I see some big differences when it comes to the views for each post. Here’s a short ranking list:

  1. How To Write Your About Page
  2. 7 Tips For Blog Organisation And Planning
  3. 11 Ways To Increase Your Motivation For Blogging
  4. Blogging And Social Networks
  5. Blog Subject

The Post I Enjoyed The Most Writing

Coming up with ideas for a blog layout was really fun. I could experiment with different ideas which were floating in my head. While writing this post, “20 Rules Of Blog Layout”, I also rediscovered my interest for picture editing programs like Gimp or the online one called Canva.

And Now?

Now I will go on with blogging as before February. I’ll be writing all kinds of posts again, be it political, personal or maybe even lifestyle ones. To be honest, I can hardly wait to be writing non-blogging related posts again 🙂 If there will be a comeback of FebBlogging next year we will see. What do you think?

It was for sure a lot of fun and a true blogging adventure. For this month, I had an unofficial schedule – every second day a post. It worked surprisingly well, with some smaller delays of three to five hours. If I’m gonna stick to a fixed schedule like for example two or three posts a week, I’m not sure yet. We will see.

But for now, I wish you a great day! I’ll be off to uni and I’m really looking forward to the concert for tonight by Half Moon Run.


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