Brainstorming For Bloggers

Coming constantly up with new content can be very challenging especially if you have lots of obligation be it school, university or job. Brainstorming for bloggers works a little bit different than you may think. First it starts with searching an inspiration maybe you see another post which gives you an idea. The second and the utmost crucial step is then to transform it into your own and combining it with your genuine views and notions. There are several possible sources you can find inspiration, so let me start right away.

FebBlogging Blogging

Current Events

This is probably the most obvious advice. Just take some minutes to think which events recently occurred. Have you visited a town? About what have you been upset lately?

1. Personal Problems

Writing about your personal worries and sorrow is a great way to come up with content for a lifestyle / mental health blog. Whatever bugs you, get it off your chest by converting your emotions into a post. This not only helps you to process the event but also you’ll be ending up with a very personal post. However, there is one thing you should have in mind while writing about your problems. Try to include the readers by giving advice or involve them by raising questions. Nobody wants to hear how you are totally unable to cope with your worries. They want to hear what you did to make it better or, at least, start a discussion with you. Write your post in a way that your readers can relate to your feelings.

2. World Affairs

By reading the newspaper, hearing the news over radio or having a look at the most trending hashtags on Twitter you quickly get an overview what concerns the world at the very moment. Maybe you’ll stumble over a topic which you can relate to or you already have an opinion about. Why not share it and turn a current topic into a stimulating and provocative post? This will definitely heat up the discussion in your comment section.


3. Start Reading A Good Book

First, to state the obvious: you can write a book review about the one you just read and enjoyed. But there is also the option to pick out a subject, it doesn’t have to be the main topic of the book, and write your thoughts about it down.


4. Have A Look At Other Blogs

Reading other posts will for sure give you some inspiration for your own writing. However, it is very important that you don’t copy the ideas, use them more like an impulse for your own thoughts.

5. Use Pinterest

A lot of bloggers post nicely designed checklist from one of their posts on Pinterest and I like to pin them on to my “Blogging Ideas” board. There is also another option how you can use Pinterest for starting your flow of inspiration. You can pin some pictures to your own personal virtual mood board. This is actually a board containing images with a common design or layout which will suggest particular emotions while looking at it. This mood board can then help and support your writing process.

20 Rules Of Blog Layout (2)Checklist

6. Revise Your Old Posts

Hindsight is always easier than foresight, isn’t it? Why not browsing through your old posts and picking one out where you are sure that the outcome would differ a lot when you would have written it today. Maybe your views on a subject have changed or the situation itself shifted from one point to an another one.

Asking Your Readers

7. Make  A Poll

This is probably the laziest way of getting post ideas, because you simply have either to set up a Twitter poll or let your readers giving the chance to leave their suggestion in the comment section.

Writing Your Ideas Down

This is the last advice I have for you. Make a habit of writing all your ideas, no matter how stupid they sound, down. Collect every flash of thought you have because there will be days where you are not very creative and look at your list will help you a lot to come up with a post idea.

notes ideas

Generating Your Ideas?!

This is something rather silly and definitely more for fun than anything else. I found several websites which will generate with some of your inputs a blog subject. I tried some out and they were some quite ridiculous titles.

Happy brainstorming,


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