10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Just a few people who know me personally are aware of my blog. I’m just worried what they may think of me. Because putting your life on the Internet is not something everyone does and although in today’s world it is much more common to tweet about all the things you do or uploading photographs on Instagram or Facebook, I’m still worried that they will think I’m a weirdo.

However, I slowly but steadily open up myself more and more to the Internet. I still will be sticking to the anonymous blogging for the time being.

Nevertheless, even if you keep your blog as a secret there are several reasons, why you should start blogging. Without further ado let’s start

FebBlogging Blogging1. It Helps With Building Up Your Design Skills

Blogging is not just about writing, layout and design is a very crucial aspect too. I recently published a post about the most important blog layout rules. Within time, you will be improving your knowledge about WordPress or another blogging platform. Moreover, your eye for aesthetics will develop and by looking at other blogs, comparing and combining them you will quickly find your own style.

2. Photography Skills

You will not only improve on your layout skills but if you include pictures in your posts you can also learn more about taking stunning photographs. This point is one I would like to invest more time in because I love taking photographs, but it’s also quite a time-consuming activity. Therefore, when I’m too busy or I haven’t any pictures in stock I use photographs from the Internet one can use for free.

sea gull, photography

3. You’ll Become A Better Writer

With every text, you’ve been writing you’ll improve a little bit. Like a famous proverb states: “Skill comes with practice”. Writing constantly can help you with minimising mistakes. For me personally, writing in English is still a challenge as my native language is Swiss German. Nevertheless, while blogging, I learn a lot about the English grammar or commonly used expressions or sayings.


4. Challenging Leisure Activity

Blogging is challenging, and if somebody thinks it’s easy, they haven’t done it correctly. Because it’s a challenge to sit down, come up with ideas, write them down and finally present them nicely – and doing all this constantly. I’m not saying this to scare you, not at all. I’m mentioning this point because having a challenge is a good thing and us human beings are always looking out for a new challenge to conquer.Help Others

5. Help Others

Making a difference in the lives of your readers is a very crucial and probably the most common point. If you experienced rough times and learnt how to cope with it, why not tell others your advice. By exposing your weakness or problems other people can relate to you and with reaching out to your readers you can maybe even make a difference in their behaviour.

6. Connecting With Interesting People

The blogger world is huge, it’s immense and it’s packed with tons of fascinating people. Go out there with your blog, connect with others and enjoy the contact with all those wonderful human beings. It’s such a great way to get to know people from all over the world.

globe international

7. Building Up Your Confidence

I’m not the very most confident person. My self-confidence fluctuates a lot depending on recent events. However, I now feel much more self-assured about publishing my posts online. In the beginning, let’s say in the first three months I was still unsure about the reaction of others which made me very insecure. But now, I can hit that publish button with even being proud of my post.

8. Getting More Disciplined

This is an aspect I’m still working on… I started to realise that blogging, as time-consuming it can be, is something I want to pursue. To manage all the other things besides writing, I needed to reschedule and overthink my time management. Whether you like it or not, you will start to get more disciplined and learn how to start prioritising your things better.

9. Your Voice Deserves To Be Heard

I’m of the opinion, that everybody’s notion is relevant and has the right to be heard. So feel free to share on your blog your views and beliefs. Blogging not only provides a great platform to share your thoughts with the world but also discuss it with others.

10. It Can Boost Your Job Offers

Why not putting your blog on a resume? This is something I haven’t done yet and I’m not quite sure if I’ll be doing it. However, I know some fellow bloggers who got a job offer exactly because of their blog. Actually, it doesn’t matter in which field you are because blogging shows strong initiative to do something on your own, creativity and last but not least discipline. These are all qualities which are demanded in every job, so why not try it the next time.

I hope I could convince all the non-bloggers out here to start their own blog!

So let’s start / continue blogging 😉


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