11 Ways To Increase Your Motivation For Blogging

Blogging for me is a hobby, an activity I pursue in my free time. Nevertheless, like with all other hobbies, you may reach a point where you need an extra motivational push. Generally, writing is something I enjoy in any case but when you have little time left and the necessary inspiration is missing, it’s hard to sit in front of your computer or laptop and start writing. However, there are some few tips and ideas you can try in order to ignite that motivational fire again.

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Build A Writing Habit Up

1. Have A Blog Writing Ritual

Try to start writing your blog posts always in the same manner. I, for example, start blogging always with making myself a cup of coffee and filling up my water bottle. I then sit down, take a sip of my beloved brew and start writing the first few words down. And whenever I’m stuck and need to refresh my brain I grab to the water bottle and take a few sips.

coffee blogging laptop

Having such a ritual helps you with setting your mind every time into “writing mode”. Because your brain knows: “Ah, there is a laptop, a glass of water and some coffee – now must be writing time.”

2. Try Writing In Public

Normally, I prefer writing in my apartment, where it’s quite and nobody is able to disturb me. I belong also to this group of people who like to read or learn in complete silence. I could never be studying at a coffee place because for me it would simply be just too loud. Having said that, I once brought myself to break this habit and wrote an entire post in Starbucks, where it was very loud – a man next to me was talking to his wife on the phone about what groceries he has to buy; a woman with her hyperactive screaming son was trying to calm him down as he realised that he’ll not be getting another muffin; and some students who were loudly discussing if they should go out tonight or stay in. And of course from time to time, like in every other restaurant or coffee place you could hear a loud, clear and ear piercing sound of shattering glass. This described scenario is definitely not my preferred setting for staying focused, however, it inspired me. The vivid surroundings gave me new inputs and ideas. So, even if you, like me, prefer writing within your own four walls, try to go out and chose a bubbly environment. And if you realise that you’re not so productive, at least you had a great coffee and some cake 😉

3. Use Your Breaks Wisely

Taking a break is also a very crucial point. However, don’t try to interrupt your writing process every ten minutes because you think you need a break. Plan your breaks reasonably by taking them when you really need them. So either you leave your writings alone for some time because you are completely blocked and there is no inspiration left what so ever, or you take a break to distance yourself from your post in order to reread it afterwards. Just try to not interrupt your creative flow by taking the breaks at an inappropriate time.

Get Social And Communicate

4. Respond To Comments

It’s always a huge motivational push when your readers leave you lovely and nice comments below your post. Because for a blogger, it’s a great feeling when you know that others could relate to your problem and that you could help them by giving some advice. Therefore, it’s very crucial to show your readers that you are willing to be a part of their conversation. Try to acknowledge their views presented in their comments and don’t just simply reply with a “Thanks”. Make them also feel important by being responsive to their suggestions, stories or notions.

5. Join Other Bloggers

This aspect not only gives you motivation but also can offer you some useful advice. Try to interact with other bloggers. One way is to ask them if they would like to be a part of a blogging project or by simply asking them to write a guest post. Being asked to write a guest post creates a very good feeling, it makes you feel very special. It’s always an honour to write something for another blogger, no matter how big or small they are. And why not starting the interaction by asking other bloggers first about a guest post? Blogging is actually a very lonely activity if you only take the writing part into account. But try to make it a social and interactive activity and share your thoughts with other like-minded people.

6. Support Other Bloggers

This point goes hand in hand with the above mentioned one. It’s important to not only get interactive with other bloggers but also support them. Because supporting others will not only make you and your blog noticeable but also will maybe result in a mutual support. By supporting I mean foremost sharing the posts in social medias and leaving comments. So get started, and shout out other bloggers!

Get Inspired

Staying motivated without having any inspiration is very hard if not even a mission impossible. So here are some inspirational sources.

7. Pin Your Interest

Okay, this play on words is really lame 🙂 What I mean by it is, use Pinterest for your blogging ideas. Look out for pins that you may are able to convert into a post. Unfortunately, I use Pinterest much too little. I have, however, a secret board called “Blogging Ideas” where I keep all the potential blog posts ideas, but I pin not very often, which obviously defeats the purpose of it. Nevertheless, if you are keen on Pinterest try using it as an inspiration.

8. YouTube

I like to watch YouTubers who talk in front of their cameras about issues currently occurring in their lives or in the lives of their audience. This talks can serve as a blog post idea because the discussed subjects are often very common and you’ve probably also experienced something similar.

blogging social network twitter instagram google plus tumblr pinterest facebook

9. Twitter Trends

This idea came just to my mind as I was checking my Twitter notifications. Yes, it’s not exemplary to interrupt your writing process by looking at Twitter or other social networks, but it was only a very short glance 😉 So have a look at what is trending and by browsing through the most popular hashtags, you may find the one or other blog post idea.

Plan Your Blogging

10. Editorial Calendar

Some bloggers prefer the spontaneous style of blogging – they don’t follow a schedule, they immediately blog when inspiration hits them and as soon as the finished writing the last sentence they hit the publish button. This is one great way for blogging but there is also another one, which I prefer – planning your posts. Because whenever I have nothing planned, no idea on my blogging calendar the motivation for writing leaves me quite quickly. Therefore, I try to stay on track by planning and scheduling my posts. I’ve just recently published two blog post about this topic. One about pre-writing post and another more general one, about blogging organisation.

day planner agenda diary planning organizing

Why Do I Blog?

11. Keep The Reasons Why You Blog Present

For every blogger, the motives for starting a blog differ. Some of them want to share their stories, help their readers; others want to make money with their blog and sell their products. Either way, by keeping your initial motivation for blogging in your mind this will help you with continuing your blogging adventure. So keep reminding yourself, why you started your blog and whenever you feel unmotivated think about those exact reasons.

I hope there was the one or other helpful advice. Let m e know in the comments if you have similar tips or completely different approaches to stay motivated.


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      • Awesome! I thought about something tech related. As far as I know your not that much into tech, are you? So maybe something from your point of view. Because most of the things I read about tech are from extremly tech savvy people, so I would love to hear something on it from someone “outside this bubble”.
        I don’t know a specific topic though. Do you have any ideas? I can also think about something more concret if you want me to.

        Thanks so much 🙂

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