How To Write Your About Page

A new reader just clicked on your blog. He scrolls down the first page, has a short look at you latest post. He gets curious and reads maybe another one or two. But now, he wants to know more about the writer. He wants to know more about you. Do you have a guess what he will do as next? – Correct, he will click on your “About” page.

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The Importance Of Having An About Page

A lot of bloggers, especially beginners underestimate the importance of their About page. It’s probably the most visited site on your blog. It’s main tasks are, on the one side, to catch the readers attention and on the other side to introduce them to your blog.

An about page has to be more than a short biography of you or a description of what you do besides blogging. It should at best immediately grab your reader’s attention. Although the about page is presumably the most crucial site on your blog it’s very challenging to set it up correctly. Not only the content has to be appealing but also, the layout and colours have to be pleasing. All in all, the About page has to make a good first impression. To quote a well-known saying: “The first impression counts.” I have probably changed my “About Afortnightaway” page five times and to be honest, I’m still not very content with it. It’s only a matter of time when this page will be presented in a new layout.

The Secret

Although it’s called an about page and it should revolve about the writer of the blog, the truth is that it should not be exclusively or primarily about you. This page is about your future followers. It should satisfy every curiosity your reader has and even make them want to know more about you and your blog.

People are by nature curious and they want to learn more about your story. They want to know perhaps why you started this blog and what you can offer them. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind while writing the about page that you need to focus on your potential readers. Especially the aspect of what you as a blogger can offer them is very crucial as we humans naturally tend to concentrate on the benefits we can get.

Questions Which May Help With Setting It Up

After some research, I came up with a catalogue of questions which can help you while writing your About page.questions

  • What is this blog about?
  • Why is your blog special?
  • What does your blog offer to your readers?
  • What posts can be expected?
  • What makes you interesting?
  • Why should the readers come back?

In a nutshell: You need to give the readers reasons why they should subscribe to your and not to another blog.

Nevertheless, the About page should not give the impression to your readers that it’s created and appearing unnatural. It still should represent you and your personality. Therefore, use the questions just as a guideline and do not stiffen yourself on these.

The Elements You Want To Include

chalkboard-620316_960_720Something about you

Give your readers some background information about your life but don’t overdue it. Tell them something about where you live, what you do for a living. Add maybe some characteristics which represent you, perhaps some flaws you have. By revealing some quirks or tics, you will automatically appear more natural and your readers can more identify with you because nobody’s perfect and exactly flaws make a person unique and likeable.

Tell them about your blog

Write about what main topics your blog is going to cover. Also, mention if you have a fixed schedule for posting or if you, like myself, do not follow a schedule at all. This gives the reader the opportunity to prepare themselves for what they may expect from the subscription to your blog. Like in the above-mentioned point, it’s crucial not to spill too much information, but enough to make the reader curious.

Back story of the blog

This is an aspect you may want to consider to include. It’s the passage where you explain how and especially why you started this blog. Personally, I really enjoy reading this part of an About page, because it tells you something about the writer and reveals some traits of their personality.

Share some photos

This is optional, as a lot of new bloggers prefer to stay anonymous. I completely understand if you do not want to put pictures of yourself on the Internet. If you want to stay anonymous or you want to keep your blog as your little secret, so that your friends and family won’t discover it, explain it a few words to the readers. Because they will definitely understand your decision.

And if you are feeling very confident why not making a video of you which you share on your page.

However, if photos or videos are far too personal for you then there is one option left which I personally really like and I was already considering it for my own blog. It’s making a voice message where you read out loud your About page. This is a great way to present you to your readers and still staying anonymous. It’s very personal but does not give too much information away.

In short: Tell something about you but not too much because the aim is definitely not that every secret get’s already spilled on your About page.

Free Printable – Checklist For Your About Page

I’ve made for you a summarised checklist in the form of a free printable for you to download. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Checklist printable about me about page blogging advice blog

For downloading the free printable just click either on the image above or click here.

Wishing you all lots of fun creating or improving your About page 🙂

What’s your About page? Leave the link in the comments.


PS: I’m really excited that I now also have a Facebook page. Feel free to check it out 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to connecting with you also on this platform.


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