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Whenever I talk to somebody and try to encourage them to start blogging they often counter my idea with the answer of having no spare time. While thinking about this rare good – the time – a friend of mine comes to my mind, because she always said when I was too busy to do things: “One has not time, one has to take the time.” I used to get annoyed by this sentence because it’s a fact that the day only has 24 hours, however, she was right. Think about the time you wasted on a Saturday morning just lying in your bed. Of course, we need these lazy days from time to time but being productive in the mornings just gives me personally a great feeling of actually being able to achieve something.

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Keeping Posts In Reserve

When I started this blog I had about four to five what I call “Backup-Posts”. These are posts that you pre-write several weeks before, photographs already included and that are completely finished. They are only in your drafts waiting to be published, but there is no fixed date when they need to be published, therefore in reserve. I am not sure from where I actually got this idea of having such backup posts but I realised very quickly that they are helping a lot in order to take away the pressure you may experience when starting your own blog.

Planning your blog posts does not always work. Maybe something came up and your planned writing session is not possible anymore. Or you are just too busy and completely forgot to start writing. And in exactly those situations do backup posts come in.

How Backup Posts Can Help You With Blogging

Backup posts carry several advantages which will support your blog and your writing process. I want to show you some of the most important ones.


Especially when you are just starting with blogging, having a few pre-written posts can give you the necessary security. Because the first weeks or even months of blogging can be intimidating. I remember that in the beginning I had a lot of self-doubts and scepticism was a constant companion while writing and finally publishing the posts.

Time Management

day planner agenda diary planning organizingIn today’s stressful world it’s challenging to find or like this friend of mine once said, taking time. I have a busy schedule with university, which not only involves visiting lectures from Monday to Friday but also preparing and learning, additionally, I help out organising events of my political party, finding time for my new part-time job, doing sports and of course, having some time left for my boyfriend and friends.

Backup posts are great because you can write them when you got time for it and you are not bound to a schedule. They can help you with balancing all the things you either have to do (like school) and stuff you love to do (for example sports or blogging).

Consistency With Your Blog

Having various pre-written post will also ensure that you can publish posts on a regular basis. Especially for the stressful and busy time, you can use your backup posts. And I bet with you, none of your readers will recognise that it’s pre-written post.

How To Write A Backup Post

notes ideasThis is actually really easy. Whenever you feel like writing use this flow to pre-write. It does not have to be a perfect post but more of a quick draft. I think it’s the best way to write when you are in the mood for writing.

Trying to force something will often end in a disastrous post which eventually ends in the waste-paper basket.

Take advantage of your creative phase whenever you can and try making the best out of it by just writing and not thinking too much if you can use this post afterwards.


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