Guest Post – Why I Love Blogging

I am really excited to introduce you to one of the most inspirational bloggers. Juni Desireé was one of my first followers and I remember that I first couldn’t believe that such a great blogger was following me. Since then I followed her blogging journey with a lot of joy.  She covers not only topics on writing, books, but also on life, self-improvement and on being a better person. Her writing is so refreshingly and you can immediately feel the energy she puts in her posts. Moreover, her honesty which is being reflected well in her posts will want to make you read more. If you want to learn more about her, she recently wrote a post about her personal principles which describe her lovely personality very well. However, without further ado, let’s welcome Juni, with her awesome post about why she loves blogging:

FebBlogging Blogging

Why I Love Blogging

blogging writing laptopBlogging is a journey to self-discovery because it is an expression of the self. I created my first blog in 2012. Since then I’ve started and deleted over 30 blogs. Each blog was an experiment and I’ve learned from each one. I had a blog for different topics: simple living, philosophy, theology, writing, books, thoughts. I had a blog for different writing styles: formal, controversial, journal-style, opinionated, poetic. Each blog taught me about myself: my interests, my voice, my heart. They showed me what I care about and what’s inside me. One blog in particular stands out. It was called ‘Never Said Before.’ I was anonymous and it was a place for me to be fearless for first time in my life and say all the things I’d kept inside. I was honest and wrote about my insecurities and fears. A fellow blogger left a comment on one particular post and said she related to my words. She’s a counsellor with a similar background and personality to me, so we have connected over the last few years through email. She was the first person I could be real with and she got me through some hard times simply by letting me write all my thoughts and feelings out and letting me know I wasn’t crazy.

She was a major stepping stone on my road to being open about my struggle with anxiety and depression. By simply accepting me, she gave me the courage to let people know. Without that blog, I would never have ‘met’ this friend. I’m so thankful for blogging for the connections it brings. People are so amazing and I love that our blogs can brings us together from all around the world.

diary journal writing booksI have a journal that is for my eyes only, but I blog because part of me needs to express myself to others. Some part of me wants to be seen. To connect. To know that I’m okay just as I am. To let others know they are okay just as they are. To just be me on a page and let others be them on a page, and find this magical moment where it matters to us that we took the time and effort to write.

But even if no-one reads my words, I’ve resolved to keep blogging because I find myself on the page and it’s my pathway to be myself in the flesh. I’m no longer anonymous and I’m continuing to be honest and let the inside out.

Why do you love blogging?

juni desireéIf you would like to connect with Juni here are some links to her social accounts: 



 and her amazing blog Juni Desireé

6 thoughts on “Guest Post – Why I Love Blogging

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words!!! So glad we connected through our blogs. And thank you so much for asking me to guest post. It was really fun writing this. And you are an amazing and accomplished blogger.

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  3. Amazing! I started blogging because I wanted to have an outlet to express myself and encourage others to do something more meaningful with their time. My blog is a work in progress, but I’m really proud that I’ve even started and I’m hopeful that I can pull it all together.


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