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Does a blog really need one specific theme? Is it necessary to stick to one subject? It probably is the best way to gain a lot of subscribers. One could argue that people primarily follow a blog because it evolves about the same topic but one could also represent the opinion that readers enjoy blogs with a wide range of subjects.

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Having a main theme or finding a niche is tip number one you can find while searching for blogging advice. If you have a closer look at very popular blogs you quickly realise that they rotate about one topic or very similar topics. But what are the advantages or the disadvantages of having one main subject for your blog?

One Blog – Many Topics

Those blogs have a wide target group because with their blog they can cover different and foremost very varied topics. A blog which right came to my mind is the one written by a dear friend of mine. Carina writes on her blog Stepabout  about writing, politics, LGBTQ+ related topics, blogging and moreover she brings you closer to all the special and sometimes funny days in the year where you celebrate for example the earth or the jelly bean.


More Flexible

Having a blog with many topics will give you the freedom to write about everything you desire to. Your readers are not expecting from you to stick to one subject and, therefore, it is much easier for you to come up with new post ideas because you alone choose on what you are writing next.

Greater Potential To Grow

growing tree leafA blog which covers several themes will allow you to develop the blog in a very easy way and whenever you wish to. I think it is a great start for every blogger newbie to write about several topics because then you have enough time to figure out which subjects are suiting you the best.


Wide-Spread Target Group

It is difficult to build up a solid readership when you are switching between completely various topics. For example, my blog has the series Me Myself And My Music which differs a lot from the rest and a great part of my followers enjoy mainly my blog because of the personal posts about politics, university or posts about blogging. You can evaluate your most popular subjects easily with looking at your statistics and it shows clearly that my music topics are not that well visited as the others. However, I still will be sticking to this series as I have a lot of fun while writing them 😉

One Blog – One Topic

Blogs with one topic can be for example lifestyle or beauty blogs. Estée Lalonde, a
British YouTuber and blogger, has a typical one topic blog where she almost writes exclusively about beauty with some lifestyle posts as an exception.


Less Time-Consuming

This advantage comes from the fact that you do not have to think about different themes to come up with. You can choose one topic you are interested in, maybe a hobby of yours, and then you focus only on this subject. The only difficulty which may arise in the beginning is finding the perfect topic for your blog which will provide you with enough ideas for a long time. However, when you finally found this subject then it will be easy for you to come up with new posts.

More Followers

If you choose a topic for your blog which is not that common in the blogging world you probably found a niche which attracts a lot of readers. And promoting your blog will be much easier if you have a consistent theme. Moreover, your followers will enjoy each single post you publish because they all revolve around the same subject and your readers have been subscribing to your post because of this topic.


Running Out Of Ideas

This disadvantage can occur when you choose a topic for your blog which is narrow and very specific. Having a sharp focus on a theme may bring you the advantages mentioned above but you can easily fall into the trap of running out of ideas. It is a balancing act between choosing a particular topic while not limiting your ideas too much.

Finding Your Blogging Subject

Firstly, you have to be clear about what you want to achieve with your blog. Are your writing in order to gain followers or only for your own enjoyment? If it is the latter one, I have only one advice for you – keep writing and do because you enjoy it. However, if you like to gain some readers over the time there is one aspect you may have to consider while choosing your blogging theme – your readers. Try to put yourself in the position of your future followers and think of what they may want to read. Nevertheless, be careful and do not focus too much on what others may think because there are a lot of new bloggers who fail because they write for others and neglect their own interests. Try more to figure out similar and common topics you share with your readers than thinking only about your followers.

Tree own way woodThe best and final advice I can give you for deciding on your blogging theme is probably that you first need to focus on your interest. Take a topic which you are either good at or collected a lot of experience be it beauty, travel, sports, music or writing about your problems you are struggling with.

Finally, just start writing and eventually you will find your own way through the jungle of blogging.


6 thoughts on “Blog Subject

  1. I wondered about this when I started out. My original intent was to blog about Japan but then my blog sort of morphed, into a travel, living abroad, blogging challenges type mega beast. I wondered about creating a second blog to contain my Non Japan rambles but ended up keeping it on the one blog. Looking at the blogs I follow, Some are for specific targeted content but many are varied. The thing they have in common is I enjoy the blogger’s written voice, I find their content easy to read and enjoy the way they convey their point of view. I also find their blogs easy to navigate. I also follow many photo based blogs because I enjoy the visual delights they offer. I did end up starting a second “photo a day” blog as a challenge to myself and effort at collaborative blogging. It is a photo a day based on inspiration in the form of a word gleaned from others blogs or words suggested by people. I like the challenge of doing a single post a day. It has quite a clean format and although the words of inspiration are varied, the concept and lay out of the posts is much more standardized than my written blog.

    I have a lot of fun on both my blogs. I am not too concerned with growing or number of followers they are both slowly but surely (more slowly than surely!) gaining a follower or 2 a week. But to be honest I quite enjoy the familiarity I have gained with some of my most regular visitors. I wonder if I for some bizarre reason went viral , that i would lose that.

    I think you have raised some good points! Thank you food for thought!

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