Pressure On Word Count

You have no idea how much time I wasted with searching the right answer to my question on how many words  a blog post should be. I googled for this information several days with the hope that I eventually will know the amount of words required for a successful post. Sometimes the number 2000 showed up and I thought how the heck I am going to be able to write so much? Another word limit was 200 words which is little. And in retrospective, I know that this time-consuming search was for nothing. The only thing I got out of this search was a slowly but steadily developing self-doubt. “Are my posts long enough? I only got 900 words… Is it sufficient?”

FebBlogging Blogging

How Much Is Enough?

I am not able to answer this question because even after my research I have not yet found the magical number you need to achieve in order to get the most views and followers. However, I still have something for you which may help the one or the other.

Write Until You Are Done Writing

 It makes no sense to stretch out your post by just adding some “empty” words. In the beginning, I looked quite narrow-minded on my word count and I would get really frustrated if I did not reach my intended amount. Let me tell you something, this approach is to the utmost recommended if you want to have a writer’s block and if you want to lose any inspiration and motivation for writing. Therefore, it is important to write when you are in the mood and do not stop yourself by pressuring your flow with the numbers of words or pages.


Stay Consistent

Having said that, there is one further point you nonetheless have to keep in mind. Try to be steady with your word count. And I definitely do not mean that you always have to reach the same length for your posts but if your blog contains more short posts of 100 to 200 words your reader will probably be expecting the same amount for future ones. Notwithstanding I need to relativise my above-mentioned statement a bit because on my blog I have posts which are over 1000 words long and some of them reach only about 500. Obviously, it also depends very much on the topic or the blog series, but trying to stay a little bit consistent will also be a good way for you to have an overview on planning your posts and how much time you need to invest.

How Much Does The Word Count Really Matter?

Probably not very much. I guess it can be used more as a guideline for yourself than for getting more subscribers. The length of a blog post also depends on the type of blog you have. For example, beauty blogs tend to have fewer words than the posts written by bloggers who cover the topics mental health and lifestyle. The most crucial thing is that you do not let ever the word count influence your writing. Because I bet with you that nobody will compare your posts with others and decide on the length which blog they will be following 😉 It could be, however, that some blogger newbies will probably be copying your text into Word or another text editor to determine the word count and will then try to reach the same amount because they think that this number is the perfect one (for the record: I am talking from experience…)


Okay, this feels a little bit weird having a proper conclusion for a blog post as it is not a school’s paper but I had no other idea how to call this section other than conclusion or result which probably would have been even odder. My last thoughts on this topic are that the word count should never get between you and your writing. Make the best out of it and look at it as a guideline which you can stick to but definitely not have to. It should never raise a feeling of an obligation or duty because in the end it is your own blog and you are the one who decides on the content and how long it should be.

Now for all you curious readers out there: This post has 717 exactly words 😉

Happy writing,


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