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How could I forget that I have this album in my collection? The Editors, an English rock band released in the year 2005 a what one could call indie-rock, post-punk album. The astonishing thing about it is that this powerful and well-conceived album is their debut.  However, one would never guess by only listening to it that it was produced in the 21st century as the sound reminds a lot of the post-punk wave in the 1980ies. Not only the music but also the singer’s deep voice is reminiscent of great bands like for example Joy Division or R.E.M.

editors the back room music review

Album facts:

  • Release: July 2005
  • Tracks:
    • 1. Lights
    • 2. Munich
    • 3. Blood
    • 4. Fall
    • 5. All Sparks
    • 6. Camera
    • 7. Fingers in the Factories
    • 8. Bullets
    • 9. Someone Says
    • 10. Open Your Arms
    • 11. Distance

The first track Lights sets a powerful and energetic start to the album. It has a very catchy tune which will probably stay in your head for some time. This fast title can have an effect on me in two completely different ways: It can serve as a motivation and encourage me due to the quick rhythm. However, it also has something frustrating to it which makes me wanna sink and hide under the blanket.

Fall is definitely the song you want to listen when you are sitting all alone in your room and ponder about your life. It is calming, soft and sensitive. The repetitive lyrics enhance this doleful atmosphere. Hearing this song lets me always imagine a dark street illuminated only by a few street lamps. Although it is a sad and dull song the voice is in this track exceptionally soft which raises the feeling of empathy. It feels like the singer understands one’s misery and shows sympathy.

street lights streetlamp darkness night

The next track All Sparks is maybe even my favourite one. The similarity to another brilliant band – Joy Division – can be heard quite clearly. Listening to this song makes me want to go to a concert and see them live. I especially enjoy the catchy beat to it.

The most uplifting song on their debut is probably Bullets, a song wich is on one side positive but on the other side also a bit aggressive. The lyrics, though, are kept extremely simple which probably favour the pushy sound.

Even though this 500 words review is not very long at all, I do genuinely love this album. The reason for my more or less taciturnity is probably because these songs leave me speechless. While writing this review, I listened to the album several times and I simply could not think of more words than the ones I managed to put together in this post. They are indeed an amazing band and with their debut album they had a brilliant and excellent start for their future career. It contains the right mixture of energetic but also soft tunes and through the whole album, the band remains true their own extraordinary style. The only thing for me left to say is: Hear this album for yourself. Listen to the songs yourself and maybe you will understand my dilemma.

My rating: 10/10


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