How To Survive The Exam Season

It is stressful whenever there are upcoming exams. This time has on everyone a different impact. For me personally, it can make me aggressive, moody and even a bit depressed. Sometimes I end up in having a little crises and I start asking myself: “Why me? Why do I even bother with my law studies? Is this really the right path?” However, this is completely normal if something similar occurs to you. It is simply called stress. Nevertheless, there are some tips that may help to cope with it.


It all starts at the beginning – a good preparation is a solid basis one can build on. Starting early helps a lot with calming your nerves and controlling anxiety. I like to learn with self-written summaries. This is quite a time-consuming learning method and, therefore, it is crucial to start very soon.

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Learning Plan

I like To-Do lists and planning my days. However, every time I make myself a learning plan I get frustrated because I am simply not able to put it into practice. Setting up a plan for several weeks of learning is a challenging task but in my last two semesters, I tried what I like to call, a reverse learning plan. The main concept behind this idea is to write down everything you have learnt that day. This will enable you to have a good overview about all the subjects. If you still like to have a typical learning plan, here is my advice for you:  do not spend much time on planning it. Just make it easy and divide the days through the number of subjects you have in order to see how many days you still have left for each one. Moreover, if one subject takes up more time just subtract some days from another and add them to more important one.


This is not only an essential aspect during the exam time but also during your preparations. Taking breaks is crucial for you in order to focus more on studying and learning all those things by heart. Clearing your mind helps you to stay motivated in this stressful time. I like to write posts in my break or when I am lazy, I enjoy just watching TV.


I know, when there is little time left then you are definitely not in the mood to make yourself a healthy dinner. Nevertheless, there are always simple recipes which will not take you long to prepare and still will be providing you all the necessary vitamins and health benefits. One of my favourite dishes is probably pasta with a vegetable tomato sauce. Just add any veggies you have in your kitchen into the tomato sauce and cook it for 10 to 15 minutes. Bon appétit! 🙂

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Although time is a very rare commodity, try to take some minutes a day to fill your lungs with fresh air. Be it walking to university or be it taking a detour on your way home. While walking through a nearby forest or along a river you can clear your head and enjoy beautiful mother earth. My personal favourite is the matutinal walk to university because sometimes when the weather plays along I have a beautiful and almost magical scenery.

What a morning! 😊 #lucerne #morning #sunrise #orangesky #sun #skyporn #noedit #nofilter #watson_gram #seebrücke

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It is important to figure out if you are a morning person or a night owl because then you are able to plan your day. I am definitely a morning person and more productive in the mornings and afternoons. Therefore, I try to go to bed early, but when you are more efficient in the evenings, you should adopt also your sleep pattern by going late to bed and sleeping late in order to get enough sleep.

My first exam is already in two days and I will be more than happy when the 12th  of January arrives because then my exam session is finally over.  I will, therefore, in order to focus completely on my studies, not be posting until I have taken my last test. In the meantime, I would like to wish you all the best and take care! 🙂

See you soon again,


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