6 (Almost) Free Things To Do In Edinburgh

It was a very spontaneous idea when I agreed to travel along with a good friend of mine (Carina). She had an Irish Dance competition in Edinburgh and would have gone alone. Moreover, my motivation for learning and attending courses at university was not good anyway, so I just thought, why not taking a break and accompany her. It would be also my very first time in Scotland and I was really excited about it.
We only had two days, if you subtract the two travel days, but the trip was worth every minute!
So here is the list of things we saw and did in Edinburgh, hope you enjoy it.

1. Harry Potter Tour

As you probably already have guessed correctly, I am huge Harry Potter fan. The tour is called Potter Trail and takes place all year-round. This special walking tour is about 90 minutes long and will show you some unique spots of the city which inspired Joanne K. Rowling for writing her famous Harry Potter book sequel. You will visit for example the cemetery which gave her some ideas for naming the characters. Furthermore, the tour is free but the tour guide will be happy about a small tip.

cemetery edinburgh scotland harry potter tour trail

2. Calton Hill

A short walk and some steep steps will take you from the Old Town of Edinburgh to the Calton Hill. From here you are able to enjoy an incredible view over the entire city. From there you can also see the ocean.

view edinburgh scotland

3. Dugald Stewart Monument

Definitely worth seeing is the Dugald Stewart Monument which you often find on postcards, pictures of photographs of Edinburgh. This is located on the Calton Hill itself, but you have to walk a little bit around in order to find it.

ediburgh calton hill scotland

4. National Monument of Scotland

Another place of interest on the Calton Hill is the National Monument of Scotland. Originally they wanted to build a replica of the Parthenon but, unfortunately, ran out of money and had to stop the project. This explains why it appears to be incomplete.

monument national edinburgh scotland

5. Edinburgh Castle

If the weather is bad then a tour through the Edinburgh Castle is definitely a great option. This tour costs about £17. The building looks already from the outside very impressive and majestic.

edinburgh scottland castle

6. Pubs

Actually, we wanted to go to a Scottish pub on our last night but then we ended up in an Irish pub. However, if you enjoy live music, Guinness, a jolly and to some extend crazy atmosphere than Finnegan’s Wake is something for you! There you can dance even if you are not good at it, there you can sing even if you sound horrible. This works very well because of the cheerful vibe and the open-minded people. And if you stand close to the band playing uplifting Irish music or classic rock songs there is no excuse not to dance. Even if you try to resist dancing, there will definitely be people who will get your feet moving by including you into a funny Pseudo-Irish-Dance 😉

Edinburgh Scottland view

I had an amazing stay in Edinburgh and I hope that you will enjoy it as well when you’ll visit it 🙂

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Or to some other parts of Scotland? Let me know.


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