10 Unusual Things You Don’t Know About Me

I have been tagged for my very first time and am quite excited as this tag is really fun. I have been tagged by Carina from Stepabout, which is an honor, as she was the very person who got me involved into the whole blogging stuff. I have posted some general information about me, but how about 10 unusual things?

  1. I Prefer The Dentist Over The Hairdresser:

    As weird as it may sound, it is true. You have to know that I detest going to the hairdresser and getting my hair cut. But it is not only cutting my hair it is also the hair wash and moreover blow-drying it! When you sit in the hairdressers chair and they start awkwardly talking to you and you try to join into the enforced conversation, it gets really weird. However, I have to go from time to time when I do, I always go to my favorite one, where one can blow-dry the hair self. This hairdresser was my rescue. But it is still a torture for me and like others I kind of like going to the dentist. This arises from the fact that I never had any serious problems with my teeth and I am also one of those persons who never had a hole in a tooth although I definitely not belong to those who brush their teeth long.

  1. I Am Addicted To Hair Products:

    This is a huge vice. I simply just love any20151102_174259 kind of hair products and buying them makes me always happy. Some women buy shoes, handbags or make-up excessively – I buy hair products. It is not the case that I have too few products and there would be a threat of running out soon… No, not at all – I have way too many and I am even struggling using them all up. And this photograph just shows only my shampoo… Obviously, I have several conditioners, hair masks, hair oil and other products. If I showed you all of my products you would probably be really shocked 😉

  1. I Can’t Drink Filter Coffee:

    I adore coffee and I also need it in the mornings. I have no problems with drinking a really strong espresso or even a double espresso as long it is not filter coffee. For some strange reason, I develop weird side effects and my body starts to react in an odd way. I start shaking and trembling and my head spins really fast. Moreover, I feel tired and dizzy. Not a good combination. This condition lasts probably for an hour or two. I experienced it twice, as for the first time I obviously did not know my reaction the filter coffee has and the second time I thought it was instant coffee.

  1. Mosquito Bites Disappear Within 10 Minutes:

    I have no idea why this works, but if I do not scratch a mosquito bite within ten minutes it will magically disappear. I am not sure if this is in any way related with the process of swelling. Because this is something that seldomly happens to me. I can break my wrist or twist my ankle really badly, but there is now swelling visibly. And the same goes for insect stings, they rarely or never swell.

  1. Highlighter Quirk:

    I have numerous different coloured highlighters. This on its one is probably not an unusual fact. But each colour has its own meaning and therefore, a purpose. For example: yellow is reserved for important stuff, orange for even more important things and pink things, you may have already guessed, for very important stuff. Green on the other hand (the light green not the turquoise) is for definitions. The red highlighter is for names of theories. Over time, I had to adapt the meaning for some of them, like for example the light blue one. In primary school, it was for year dates we had to learn in history. Now in my law studies it is meant for a number of a law article and paragraph.highlighters

  1. Movies And Books Normally Don’t Make Me Cry:

    I watched really tearful movies and read doleful books like for example: The Boy in the Stripped Pyjama, some Nicholas Sparks Novels, P.S. I Love You, Seven Pounds and so on. But I never ever cried during a movie or reading one of those books until I saw The Notebook. This was the very first movie I had to cry. And I am not talking about some tears, which may even look cute; I am talking about real sobbing. It is quite strange, as I never shed a tear, not even slightly, but with The Notebook I was, to put it on other words, almost devastated. Since then I never watched it again and this was also the one and only time I had to cry during a movie.

  1. I Chew Pencils:

    This is a really bad habit I have. But I do not really chew pencils. It is more like a nibbling on the end of the biro. You can hardly recognise biting marks on them, but it is as I like to have something in my mouth – Okay this sounded really bad and suggestive 😀 Will I ever stop this habit? Probably not… But at least I am not nibbling on pens which are not mine…

  1. I Detest Mayonnaise:

    This point is only unusual because the motives behind the dislike of mayonnaise are quite strange. I always liked it when I was little and at children birthday parties I even mixed it with ketchup. But now, for some weird and inexplicable reason, I do not eat it and whenever I try it, I really do not like the taste of it. Normally, it is the opposite way that a fussy eater gets within the time less fussy. But for me, it is exactly the other way around.

  1. The OC California Addict:

    Is this truly unusual? Probably not, but if you are a The OC California junkie like me, then it becomes an unusual thing. Obviously, I possess all four seasons of this teenage series and I have a so-called summer-break-ritual, where I watch the entire seasons. Every single episode… And yes, I know over time every episode by heart and there are no surprises left for me. At the beginning of my O.C. addiction, I have watched them in my native language German, but gradually I switched to English and whenever I feel like learning I even watch it in French with French subtitles.the oc

  1. Songs Never Get Stuck In My Head:

    This very unusual fact about me may be the case because I am really non-musical. I have no sense of rhythm what so ever. Even clapping a simple rhythm is a nearly impossible challenge for me, but dancing to music and rhythm works very well for me. However, when it comes to melodies I am even worse. I cannot remember a melody in my head. The only tune I know by heart is probably Happy Birthday and We wish you a Merry Christmas – really short and easy ones. Everything a little bit more challenging would just be impossible for me to remember. Even my absolute favourite song, there I just can recall the first two or three seconds of the melody. It is on the one side a good thing as I will never have an annoying tune buzzing in my head but on the other side it is also really frustrating as I will never remember the melody of songs I like.

Wow, this was really fun writing! Now, I would like to tag the following lovely bloggers: Bi-sexual Love Advice, Sevenseasaway and Flipside of the Bikini. I hope you enjoy it!


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