Antimatter – Planetary Confinement ~ Me Myself And My Music

Welcome, cold time of the year! This album is for me a typical autumn/winter album, as it is doleful, calm and simple. Antimatter is a melancholic rock band from England. As I already mentioned in the introduction to this blog series, my boyfriend listens among others to metal and this band is a project of Mick Moss who was joined by Duncan Patterson, former bassist and songwriter of a metal band called Anathema. When he showed me some songs of this album, I was immediately captivated by the pure tunes.

Album facts:

  • Release: June 2007
  • Tracks:
    • 1. Planetary Confinement
    • 2. The Weight of the World
    • 3. Line of Fire
    • 4. Epitaph
    • 5. Mr. White
    • 6. A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist
    • 7. Relapse
    • 8. Legions
    • 9. Eternity Part 24

Planetary Confinement is the third album featuring almost only acoustic guitars. And as already mentioned above, it is definitely not an album for a sunny day when the birds are chirping and you want to uplift your mood. This album is convenient for those moments when you want to spend some alone time in order to ponder over things or when you feel worse than you would prefer. All tracks have a really slow pace and, therefore, one is able to really listen and understand the lyrics. The first track I would like to elaborate on is Line of Fire. This song features a female singer, which will get under your skin with her clear, soft and high voice. It probably refers to a relationship which ended abruptly and now they have to deal with the immense pain arising from the shattered love. The acoustic guitar lends this song a special atmosphere which gets enforced at the last part of the track with drums slowly building up the tension when finally ending quiescently. The second title sung by an other woman is Mr. White and this is probably my favourite track from the entire album. I can ensure you that this is not about Mr. White from Breaking Bad 😉 Because I have just recently found out, that this is a cover from  the doom metal band Trouble. However, the voice is very clear and has to some extent a monotonous rhythm. I especially enjoy the first lines of this song: “I’m supposed to talk to you, don’t even know where to start”. While listening to this song I imagine always a foggy, plain and cold landscape. Talking of images, the cover really fascinated me as this simple photograph of a barbed wire fence is able to symbolise solitariness, isolation and suffering at the same time. The feelings triggered by the cover picture are actually the same which arise from listening to the album.

I now just have this quote in my head, which strikes home: Sadness can be beautiful. Although I have no idea from who the saying is, it describes actually the whole album quite well. Legions has some parts which are in some way even a little bit powerful as the voice is more present and firmer. It is the second longest song with its 7 minutes and 24 seconds, but although you get the feeling that you have already heard a very similar melody the ending is very emotional and unique.

The album is by and large a very sensitive one and gets under your skin. However, it can tend to get quite repetitive. But when you need some music for your sad and abstractedly moments this is definitely a good choice.

My rating: 9/10


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