You Are Wasting Your Time With Politics…

The very moment I heard this sentence, I got really furious and upset because I do not agree at all. But let’s begin from the very start:

In my about page I wrote that I am political-engaged. Let me elaborate more on that point. My parents and I discussed already when I was little about world affairs and recent events happening. When I turned 18 I was able to vote. In Switzerland one is entitled to vote when you reached the legal age. However, in some parts you are able to vote two years earlier. This is a good illustration of the Swiss federalism. Anyway, this should not be a post about constitutional law, although I personally find it extremely interesting.Okay back to my political views. After turning 18  I took part in every parliament-317085_640single vote. Another hallmark Switzerland has, besides its federalism, is the direct democracy. This means that we are able to change and accepts laws and we can elect representatives of our government. The details and how the entire voting functions is for the purpose of this blog post not really necessary to understand, you only have to know, that we are able to participate a lot in our political affairs and can even influence the political development.  This whole system works only if the people are willing to give their vote and I am of the opinion that you have to take the chance given and fill out that ballot paper.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people, especially young ones, who abstain from voting completely. Often with the arguments: “One more vote won’t matter. I voted Yes and my neighbour voted No, so where is the point that we both participate as we balance the result anyway.” – Wrong! Every vote counts! If you have this notion about direct democracy I am afraid to tell you that you do not understand the concepts behind it and how it works. And even if your and your friend’s vote balance the result, it matters as each and every vote is important for the end result.

A friend or somewhat friend of mine thinks that he is not able to vote properly because he does not completely understand the affairs to be voted on (off the record: to be honest, I think that this is just an excuse he made up). My answer to that attitude is that you simply have to consult the information given with every vote, as they adopt a fairly neutral position. And when you wish more information then read up on the political matters in newspapers or watch the weekly political discussion on the Swiss television. Ignorance should never be an excuse for not voting at all. There are of course some political subjects that I am not very familiar with, but even in these scenarios I will give my vote. I will leave the ballot paper blank in order to show that I am, as a matter of principles interested, but have simply not enough knowledge about this particular affair or to show that I find the topic all in all relevant but I am not content with the solution proposed. A blank ballot will also raise the election and voting

By and large, there is no obvious reason not to vote. And this somewhat friend and I had very recently a discussion over WhatsApp about the influence of politicians. Argh… I detest disputing over WhatsApp… It is the stupidest thing ever… But this is another topic… However, you have to know that I am also active in a political party. I am a member of the Liberal party and obviously I find it utmost crucial that even if you are member of a party, or all the more, that you have your own opinion. Nevertheless, back to the WhatsApp discussion. The whole conversation started because he asked me about a political event my party was organising every year and the chat then ended with his message: If you ask me, you are wasting your time with politics. Of course, I think it is great that you are political engaged. – “What a hypocrite!” came immediately to my mind. I was really outraged that even a fellow student noticed and after I told her about the message she just took my phone and said: “I’ll keep that until the lesson ends. There is no point in getting upset. He is a hopeless case.” And of course she was right, it is totally useless trying to talk sense into somebody, who is so sure that politics and our democracy are shit. Just to make this point clear: I totally respect people who do not vote at all because they are not interested. But when you do not participate in the political system, then please do not complain about the decisions made. I cannot understand and even have a very judgemental view on those people, who on the one hand bewail the current situation and on the other hand are not willing to take some actions by for example just filling out a ballot paper.  I have a lot of friends who are not political engaged at all, but they do not complain about recent decision made by the popular vote.

However, there is one song which always comes to my mind, when I think of not giving your vote and not undertaking something. It is from the German Punk band Die Ärtze and is called Deine Schuld. The band name in English is, as silly as this sounds, The Doctors and one can translate their song into Your Fault. As this post is not a part of my new blog series Me Myself And My Music I will make no words about the music style or the band itself. But as the lyrics of this song are really suitable for this post I translated the entire song for you into English.

Your Fault
Has this crisis got you wound up again, was it today horrible?

Have you asked yourself why nobody undertakes anything?
You don’t have to accept things that go against the grain

The purpose of having a head isn’t just for wearing a beanie

You know, it’s not your fault, that the world’s the way it is
It’s only your fault if it stays the same, You know, it’s not your fault, that the world’s the way it is
It’s only your fault if it stays the same, If it stays the same. 

Don’t believe it when they tell you that you are not able to change things
Those who claim this are just terrified of change

Those who claim this say that it’s fine the way it is
And if you want to change anything, you are automatically a terrorist.

You know, it’s not your fault, that the world’s the way it is
It’s only your fault if it stays the same, You know, it’s not your fault, that the world’s the way it is
It’s only your fault if it stays the same, If it stays the same.

Because everyone that doesn’t want to change the world, signs its death warrant.

“Let us talk, because in our beautiful land
everyone is at least theoretically awfully tolerant,

Words don’t want to move anything, words don’t hurt anyone, discussions are ok.”
Go back out onto the streets, go demonstrating again
‘Cause those who don’t try to fight anymore – can only lose
The very ones you voted for will take away our rights
Unless we people get together, organise and fight.

Therefore let them hear your voice, because every voice counts.
You know, it’s not your fault, that the world’s the way it is
It’s only your fault if it stays the same, You know, it’s not your fault, that the world’s the way it is
It’s only your fault if it stays the same, If it stays the same.

The song talks also about demonstrating and I never took part in a demonstration, disregarding from the one organised by the Zurich Pride, a demonstration for the LGBTQ+ community. Obviously, I am not a fan of destructive demonstration which gets out of control, but if it is well organised than it can achieve a great effect.

Oh and if you are wondering what happened with this friend of mine… Yes… I just completely ignored all his political related messages as he always tried to put me and politics down.

But I could not end this post without wasting any words on the amazing music video of the song. Okay amazing is probably a little bit exaggerated… I have definitely watched and listened too much to it. Nonetheless, the video shows at 2:00 minutes that nature acts totally crazy as the gravity shifts. It just shows, obviously in a total hyperbolise way, what could happen if you just sit there and do nothing to change things.

So, better get up and participate in those things you are interested in.



11 thoughts on “You Are Wasting Your Time With Politics…

  1. Good morning,
    let’s say I could sign the most part of your post. I am not voting for 2 reasons:
    1. I’m German and no longer live in Germany so voting in the ‘Bundestagswahl’ makes no sense to me (besides they are always voting the same crap, first Kohl and now Merkel.
    2. In Belgium if you vote once you always have to vote. Sorry, but voting is a RIGHT not an OBLIGATION. Yup, there is theretically Besides I would have to change nationality to not only have the “right to vote” regionally but nationally. It just makes no sense to me to change nationality.


    • I know to little about the politics in Germany to take position. But I know to what you are referring. In Switzerland we can vote the “Parlament”, which is the legislative power and they again can elect the “Bundesrat”, the executive power. And Our parliament will probably choose nothing very different from the last voting.
      Oh… this is really strange… I completely agree with you – voting is a right and should definitely never be an obligation.


  2. Wow, I really sound enraged =) Obviously the matter is very sensitive to you.

    The way I see it, it is all about trust. Do you trust the politicians you vote for? Do you trust the system to be working in your favor, protecting your rights and freedoms? Do you trust the information you are presented, which you use to make a decision before you vote? And so on…

    Imagine you don’t trust none of the above and you will easily see why voting seems pointless.

    Give people a reason to trust in politics again.

    Apart from that, I found something you may find entertaining. 😉

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  3. Yes I agree with you. If you have no trust in politics and the politicians there is no point in getting engaged. And of course I don’t trust every politician who share on paper a similar opinion with mine therefore it is important to inform yourself about it.
    The political system in Switzerland is by far not perfect but I know that it is working quite well. And voting has still an impact here.
    Ah, this is a funny joke! 🙂


  4. Ich komme ja leider aus Deutschland und da gibt es alles außer Demokratie. Ich gehe nicht mehr wählen. Es kommt immer das Argument, wenn du nicht wählen gehst, dann verschenkst du deine Stimme an einer rechte Partei. Das ist völliger Quatsch. Hier werden nicht die Interessen der Bürger vertreten, sondern die Interessen der Industrie. Die Parteien bieten uns Lösungen an, von Problemen, die sie selbst erschaffen haben. Leider werden die Probleme nur durch größere Probleme ersetzt. Egal was wir hier wählen, die Parteien setzen sich wieder so zusammen, dass der gleiche Mist weitergehen kann. Wir und unser kapitalistisches System sind für das Elend der Welt verantwortlich. Für Kriege & Armut. Deutschland ist der drittgrößte Waffenimporteur. Auch in Kriesenländern außerhalb der EU. Ich bin mit dieser Art von System nicht einverstanden. Gehe ich wählen, dann wäre ich damit einverstanden. Ich schreibe gerade mühselig auf dem Handy.^^ LG, Kai.

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    • Wow! Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Wenn die Situation so ist, verstehe ich dich natürlich. Das ist leuchtet mir ein, dass du, wenn du wählen gehst mit dem System einverstanden bist. Stimmt das, dass ihr nur wählen könnt und nicht über Sachentscheide abstimmen könnt? In der Schweiz sind es vor allem die Abstimmungen, welche die Politik steuern. Aber leider bin ich sehr schockiert über die Abstimmungsresultat… und nur weil die Hälfte der Leute nicht abstimmen gehen, sondern immer nur die gleichen. Es ist meistens so, dass bei uns die älteren, eher rechts gesinnten Menschen an die Urne gehen… Und da die jungen sehr oft nicht abstimmen gehen, kann das Resultat “verfälscht” sein, also stimmt dann nicht mit dem Volkswillen überein. Deshalb finde ich es wichtig, dass so viele wie möglich abstimmen gehen, nicht dass wir wieder rechts gesinnte Resultate haben.


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