My Favourite YouTubers


One can say that I kind of grew up with YouTube. First I followed only German vloggers and channels but with the time I discovered American and British YouTubers. Just recently I had to clear out my subscriptions because I had too many. With this post, I would like to present you some of my favourite YouTubers. I really like them because they are in their own way special and not particularly mainstream.

Hannah Witton: She is a bubbly, happy, open-minded person who talks about sensitive topics like for example sex, homosexuality and sexualization of women. Her videos cover most of the time taboo subjects, but with her cheerful and funny nature she is able to tackle every touchy and difficult problem effortless. Having a look at her channel is definitely worth it and although her main audience is probably women she for sure covers topic that are interesting not only for the females out here but also for men. She  not only has this YouTube channel but even has a blog where she posts on a regular basis.


ninebrassmonkeys: Benjamin Cook,  a journalist, writer, director, film-maker and YouTuber started a series called, “Becoming YouTube”. This twelve episode series is all about being a YouTuber, the pressure coming with the growing popularity and the fact that there are not many women doing comedy videos. Normally, YouTube videos are three to five minutes long. But these episodes last fifteen  to thirty minutes. Nonetheless, I bet with you that you will not be fast-forwarding the video as they are really interesting and the included funny sequences  with Ben will keep you entertained the entire time.  During the whole series, one can clearly recognise that this YouTuber has his roots in the world of journalism as the things said are very well-conceived and have meaning and depth.


communitychannel:  Okay… I have just said that there are fewer women on YouTube in the comedy section.  But this YouTuber, Natalie Tran, definitely  belongs to them. She takes an ordinary situation and turns it to a funny plot by exaggerating and questioning every bit of it in an amusing way. Moreover, she points out daily struggles and comes up with a witty and hilarious solution.


AConMann: This channel is in some way quite special. I myself, have just recently discovered it. Connor Manning talks about the problems he is dealing with and speaks about touchy topics. I especially like his personal videos about depression, bisexuality and anxiety. His notion about life was for me quite unique because he has this somewhat laid back attitude. And after watching two or three videos you will for sure get used to his externally fast talking.


ItsWayPastMyBedTime: This channel is very special to me, because whenever I feel down and unmotivated I watch some of her videos as they always manage to cheer me up and give me hope. Carrie Hope Fletcher is a singer-song writer, actress, author, YouTuber and blogger and she discusses topics concerning problems one will probably be facing while growing up. In her videos, she slips into a role of an older sister or a very good friend everyone deserved to have in their teenage years. Comparing her channel with Connor’s, both address similar topics but in a completely different way. While Connor takes a sober approach, Carrie captivates her audience with her empathy.

I guess it is now time, that I learn more about you. What are your YouTube habits? Do you watch often videos? Let me know with the following poll.


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