Things To Do That Make You Happy

Yes, it is again one of these days. The sky is grey, there is no sun and you have no motivation what so ever. I know this feeling too well. I have sometimes a real problem finding a leisure activity which fulfils me with delight. Do not get me wrong, I do many things, which I enjoy, but when you are not motivated, it is hard to start an activity. The difficulty actually just lies in the beginning, because often when you already have started doing something fun you will enjoy it anyway. There are several small things one can do to feel better. Like, for example, lightening a candle, but this only takes some seconds and on weekends when I have more spare time I would have to lighten a million candles to keep me occupied…

Last evening I sat down and thought about things that I could do which would make me happy, but would also be a little bit more time-consuming in order to keep me busy for one or two hours.

So here is my list of things. I hope that you will also like the one or the other and even give it a try.


painting1. Drawing or painting:

You have to know, that I am not good at arts. A pencil and I are not an ideal combination and neither a painting brush and I. However, it somehow makes me happy to draw something. I love listening to some nice and inspiring music and just start painting. A little tip is to draw from images you have in your head and not looking at a picture, which you would like to copy. This gives you the freedom to paint whatever you like and there will not be any expectations to it. Even if your picture, in the end, is not perfect just try to be proud of what you did. And moreover enjoy the alone time and being creative.

2. Taking photographs:

This would be a creative idea as well. Even if the lighting conditions are bad, just go out and take your camera or your phone with you. The positive thing about this activity is that you can combine taking a walk and shooting some great photographs. And breathing in the fresh air is, in any case, a plus.

IMG-20140920-WA00003. Reading: 

Due to my studies I, unfortunately, lost the motivation to read for pleasure. But it so cozy sitting on the sofa, with a cup of tea or coffee and indulge into a great and interesting story. Reading enables you to forget the problems for a certain time. It works in some way like an escape. In my free time, I like to read all kind of different books in German and English. If I have to think of my absolute favourite book, I would simply not be able to decide on – there are way too many.

4. Tidying up or cleaning:

Yes, you read correctly. For some people, it is a duty and others even enjoy it. Nonetheless, tidying up is a great idea because you will see a difference after that. And seeing what you achieved makes you feel good. I like to clean windows, as silly this sounds, but I love that you can immediately see the work you did.

5. Pampering myself:

As I am not somebody who is daily for hours in the bathroom dealing with skincare and make-up, I like from time to time to pamper myself with a self-made nourishing facemask or a body peeling.

6. Decorating my agenda:

As I already mentioned above I am not really creative or to be exact, I do have a lot of ideas but whenever I try to put them into practice it just does not look very good in the end. However, just give it a try and pick up some coloured markers and pens. I like to highlight important appointments with different colours and garnish the pages with flowers or sometimes even stickers.

20150903_1721387. Making a list of things that made me happy:

This idea I adopted from one of my favourite YouTuber and blogger – Carrie Hope Fletcher. She once made a blog post about her “Things-that-make-me-happy-list”. The concept behind it is simple – take a piece of paper or preferably a nice book with empty pages and fill it by listing little things, which occurred to you, that made you content and grateful. And whenever you feel sad or a little bit down just look at your list and hopefully a smile will flit across your face. Since my holiday in London I have a notebook, which is only reserved for happy thoughts. I really like my yellow Hufflepuff book. And yes, you guessed correctly, I am quite a big Harry Potter fan. And if you prefer not to keep your happy thoughts in a book, here is a post of another amazing blogger who had the great idea of keeping them in a jar.

8. Decorating my room:

If you do not feel like tidying up you may have some motivation to prettify your room. Add some nice candles or place colourful cushions on your bed. Pinterest is a great place to find new ideas and get inspired.

9. Planting: 

I am not very good with plants. I even managed to drown a cactus. I guess this is an accomplishment in its own way. My plants get either too much or too less water. However, I recently discovered that I like to grow plants. I grew garden cress or my latest project is pepperoncini. And to my astonishment, the plants are doing quite well.

10. Writing blog posts:

Last but not least, would obviously be writing for this blog. I love to write. It takes my mind off. It gives me the freedom to write about anything and everything.

Oh, something I almost forgot: With all the activities listed above I listen to music and, therefore, this is not an activity on its own. I am in a way a music-junky and need music all the time.

I hope that you now have some new ideas to keep you busy on a weekend. Let me know which one you enjoyed the most.



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