You were probably wondering why I have this strange username. A dear friend of mine, who is a blogger herself, persuaded me to get involved in social networks, like Twitter and Instagram. But for some reason I wanted to stay anonymous. Maybe this notion arises from the fact that my parents, when I was a little child, always warned me about the dangerous Internet and that you should never reveal personal information like your name, address or location of school. Yes, the dangerous Internet… Of course, it turned out that there are plenty of kind and friendly people out here. However, when I was setting up my profile I was worrying so much about my username. Originally I wanted a name which would reflect my real name but in a way that nobody would recognise it at first sight. I tried several options with my middle name, but everything sounded either stupid, silly or childish. Moreover, I wanted a username which was also suitable in a couple of years. It should be in a way timeless. You see, I was really struggling. And that is typical for me, as sometimes I tend to make a mountain out of molehill. When I was searching for the perfect username for my Twitter account I never thought that I would start writing a blog, moreover a blog written not in my native language. But for some reason I had the feeling that it should be in English as I truly love to write in this language and I prefer it over my mother tongue, Swiss German. Having decided that it should be in English brought me a big step closer to my present name. I thought about all the lovely words this language has  to offer and I always liked the word a fortnight. I find it fascinating that there is just one single expression for this time period. Moreover, I do enjoy the sound of it. You have to know that I generally like the sound of the English language.

IMG_2896 - Kopie

A fortnight away was then just a sentence buzzing in my head for at least a day or two. It sounded for me also like an escape, like freedom. Would it not just be great to say: “Bye, I am going a fortnight away.” like for example on holiday, or just taking a break from everything stressful. Just for fourteen days. I found this thought appealing and after deciding that this should be my username I wanted nothing more than just leave everything behind and enjoy some free time.

You have to know that I am currently studying law. I love it, no question. But it is quite challenging and time-consuming, even more if you are a little perfectionist, like me. However, I need some time for me to relax and break away from the treadmill of everyday life. I can rest while writing because I love to bring my thoughts into words and sentences.

Now I see all the writing I do for this blog as my time off, as my holiday, as my  personal fortnight away.


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